Beauty Tips for Cancer Girls

Published: June 22, 2015

Artwork portraying a Cancer girl. Cancer girls are known for their rounded faces and high cheekbones. The nose is generally on the smaller side, and the skin is typically fairer than that of other signs. They adore getting beauty products for a low price, and that’s why they generally update their beauty products and items quite frequently – because they can afford to do so! Today, Lionesse would like to take a look at some of the beauty tips that will be most beneficial for Cancer girls, and tell you about the colors and items you should have in your arsenal.

Pink Blush Dusting on a little bit of blush is perfectly acceptable for a Cancer girl – but you want to make sure your color choice is subtle and not over the top. Opt for a light pink hue to give you a little bit of rosiness to your cheeks.

Silver sparkly nails

Silver Nail Polish Silver has been said to be one of the most astonishing colors on a Cancer girl, and it’s no wonder – you’re ruled by the moon. Paint your nails with some silver polish, or add silver accents to your nails when giving yourself a mani, or venturing to your salon for your next appointment.

Illuminating Foundation and Highlighter Adding a glowing appearance to your face works well for you, Cancer. Give yourself an illuminated look by dusting on a bit of highlighting powder, a highlighting foundation, or by using some shimmer to your upper cheek bones.

Closeup of woman applying natural eyeliner

Natural Toned Eyeshadow For a great daily cosmetic look, stick to natural, earth-toned colors. Like Gemini, these colors work best for you. Think a Jessica Simpson type look. As a Cancer herself, this girl sure knows how to pull off looking beautiful while looking natural. Opt for colors like tans, browns, cream color, and mauve.

Brown Eye Pencil No matter your eye color, as a Cancer sign, brown eyeliner looks fab on you and really plays up your gorgeous, soft eyes. For more of a natural look, smudge your liner after application with a smudging brush to give you a soft effect around the eyes.

Woman showing off her black nails

Bright Lip Colors for Pop Sometimes, even a Cancer girl needs a color pop. What better way to do that than with a gorgeous, bright lip? Choose bright pinks, reds, or purple hues for a great pop of color that’s perfect for a night out.

Black Nail Polish Black nail polish can look trashy or classy – it all depends how you rock it. If you pair it with some silvery tips or wear it on short nails, it will look fabulous. Always remember to remove the black polish when it starts chipping away as your look can go from classy to trashy in two seconds flat.

Winged Eyeliner You can use a black liquid liner or gel liner to create a winged look for a night out. This look doesn’t really suit your appearance for every day wear, but when you need something extra special, this will do just the trick.

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