Father Daughter Bonding Activities

Published: July 11, 2015

There’s something special about a daddy spending time with his daughter. Father daughter bonding time is a time where conversation is had, where they can learn more about each other’ ever changing likes and dislikes, and where sweet memories are formed and made that your little girl will carry well into adulthood. It’s also a great time for a father to offer up encouragement to his daughter in terms of making the right choices in life. In today’s world, it can be quite difficult for a dad to find time off work to be available to spend time, and for his daughter to not have some extracurricular activity going on after school, to boot. Aside from that, finding some common ground on things you have in common to do together may be a bit of a challenge. Finding and making time to spend quality time together is essential – and today, Lionesse has some different ideas for father-daughter bonding time that you can incorporate into your life.

Father feeding his small daughter

Have a Meal Together
Whether you eat something you both prepare together before school at home, or you head out to your favorite restaurant, spending time with your kids over food is a great way to catch up on each other’s lives,  be sure you get a meal in, make other plans together, and just spend time. A little time, no matter how long or short, is better than none spent together at all.

Father and daughter walking in a beach

Get Out and Get Active
Take a walk or a bike ride together. This is a great way to get your daily fitness in with your favorite girl in the world, while you have fun and catch up on each others current lives.

Father and daughter playing in the beach.

Head to the Beach
Whether it’s a warm summer’s day, or even during the wintertime, head out to the beach to collect shells, take a stroll, and enjoy nature together. This is a great, relaxing atmosphere to unwind and spend time together while talking, flying a kite, or taking the family dog for a walk (assuming your beach is pet-friendly). Or, if it’s warm out, spend time in the water together, riding waves with surf boards or teaching her how to swim.

Family watching a movie.

Head to a Movie
There’s nothing more exciting for a little girl than a trip to the theater to see her new favorite movie that she hasn’t ever seen yet (every little girl has a favorite new movie every week, FYI, dad). Take her for a special movie night, just the two of you, and incorporate plenty of popcorn and candy into the mix, just this once, to make it a fun time for her – and for you. See something funny together that you can both enjoy and laugh at – after all, laughter is the best medicine for anyone! It will help you de-stress, and help her forget all the drama unfolding at school with friends and stressing over schoolwork for a little while.

Father reading his daughter a book.

Spend Time Reading Together
If your little girl is still young enough to enjoy listening to a story, cuddle up with her in her bed and read her a bedtime story. If she’s an older girl who had a favorite book when she was little, surprise her by breaking out the book and reading to her. Although she might not dote over the characters and plot the same way that she used to when she was little, she will laugh and very much enjoy her time spent with you, knowing that you cared enough to do something like that for her.

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