Find Your Inner Sleeping Beauty

Published: August 15, 2016

Zzzzzzz, sleep is a must – isn’t it?  While it’s a must to sleep for so many reasons, if we’re really honest most of us aren’t getting enough sleep on a regular basis.  Some articles scrolling around the internet have said that sleep disorders have quickly climbed to become more and more common by the year.  It’s unfortunate, because most of us can all agree we love to sleep.  So if we know we aren’t getting enough sleep during the night, what can we actually do about it?  We discovered some really great tips for getting beauty rest so you can feel more rested throughout your days.

Create The Environment
One of the most common suggestions among sleep experts is to use your bedroom only for sleeping, and really create an oasis for yourself.  It does make sense, if your room isn’t a place where you WANT to spend a great deal of time why would you really want to sleep there?  Take a peek at your bedroom…is there anything in the space that bothers you?  What’s in your space that doesn’t make you feel comfortable or want to spend time in there?  Do what you can to adjust anything necessary!

Lose The Tech Stuff
Another popular tip for getting more beauty sleep is turning off the electronics.  This means not watching tv or scrolling through your phone or tablet while in bed.  Experts have found that those habits can actually keep us from falling asleep because our brains aren’t shutting off fully before heading to bed.  They’re actually said to stimulate your brain, instead of the opposite!  So it’s time to eliminate those habits from your nightly routine and get yourself a more relaxed routine to allow your brain to slowly come down from the day in a healthy way.

Get Into A Routine
There are so many things in our lives that are better when done routinely, getting sleep is at the top of that list.  Experts actually suggest not only sticking to a schedule of when you’re getting to bed and such, but also getting into a regular bedtime routine.  Some of the things that likely makeup your bedtime routine are going through your skin care regimen, taking a shower, doing a little pampering.  Whatever makes up your bedtime routine, it’s time to make it an actual routine!  Getting into a routine and system around everything surrounding your bedtime is going to help your body get on that schedule and be more likely to actually fall asleep at the time you want.  It’s also helpful to do this to help you wind down from your day.  We’re all on the go constantly now and our brains aren’t always sure when it’s time to shut off, training ourselves to start slowing down can be incredibly beneficial in this.

Getting more beauty sleep is really about getting down to the basics.  30 years ago we didn’t have the technology factors in the world, which is likely why sleep disorders weren’t so common.  Find ways to help yourself get into some of these habits and see how it helps your beauty rest!

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