Prince… The Most Beautiful Man in the World

Published: May 4, 2016

It’s obvious that Prince was a legend, a legend that will be greatly missed but forever celebrated.  It’s no secret Prince was a powerhouse that took us all by storm.  He was someone who pushed boundaries and made no excuses for being who he is.  Aside from how he was known to step outside the norm in how he dressed and wore makeup, Prince shared some incredible beliefs and spirituality that will live on for years to come.  Prince wasn’t your average rock star, between dressing and presenting himself differently to staying much more private than many celebrities he marched to his own drum.  But that’s what we all admire about him most, isn’t it?  The fact that he showed us being true to who you are, regardless of what other people might think or say, is an incredibly powerful way to live your life.  His individualism was celebrated.

Prince’s Spirituality
Prince was known to be a spiritual person, even sharing some of his alternative spiritual beliefs throughout his music.  It’s said that he was raised in the Seventh – day Adventist church, but later on in his life, there was a conversion to the Jehovah’s Witness faith.  However, in the last few years of Prince’s life he embraced certain aspects of Hinduism.  Regardless, Prince was great at adapting different thoughts, ideas, and beliefs and sharing them with the world through his music.

Prince’s Anti-Aging
It’s safe to say Prince never appeared to age.  Whether it was his decision not to look at time or celebrate birthdays, or the fact that he used sugar cubes as a part of his beauty routine.  Whatever he did, he was doing something incredible!

Prince performing on stage
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Prince’s Unique Perspective
It goes without saying Prince didn’t play by any ‘normal’ standards most of us do.  He was great at breaking down barriers and giving us all a different perspective on things.  Prince was known to not believe in time and hadn’t celebrated a birthday in decades.  It was even said that while he was recording his music he would stay awake for sometimes days at a time.  Additionally, Prince was a known Vegan and strongly believed in the vegan lifestyle.

Prince’s legacy will live on for many, many years to come.  He left an impression on our world unlike anyone else.  He broke down barriers, shared insight to different religions and believes, and celebrated ideas that hadn’t been celebrated prior to him.  He set the bar high for other artists.  While there will only ever be one Prince, we’re so incredibly lucky to have had the opportunity to experience and listen to the music he graced us all with.  If we can learn from Prince, it would be incredible for us all to learn that it’s ok to be ourselves and when we stand in our truth (as Prince did) we can break down walls and create a legacy that will live on for years.

What do you admire most about Prince?

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