The Importance of Dance Education

Published: May 16, 2016

We all know and understand the importance of education in the traditional sense, but often don’t think of the value and importance of dance education.  Dancers, and those in a dance education program, have the opportunity to embrace so many incredible benefits from the formal dance education platform.  Many experts and individuals have found the incredible outcome a dance education brings to one’s life, many of the benefits are things many people probably don’t consider or think about in terms of the importance of dance.  So, we’re breaking down some of the ways that make dance education so important.

Teaches Students to Think Differently
Because of the movement nature of dancing, dance education is a place where students are encouraged to question and explore.  Questioning and exploring different outcomes and processes isn’t typically something that’s encouraged in traditional education platforms until much later on in life, while during dance education it’s something that’s embraced and encouraged very early.  Giving young children the ability to start thinking about things differently much earlier on in their lives.  Regardless of age, dance always encourages students to think of different ways of approaching a movement or sequence.  Since we aren’t typically encouraged to think so differently it’s a great way for anyone to gain confidence in doing so.

Major Focus Required
There aren’t many activities or educational type programs that utilize every part of the body: emotional, physical, and intellectual.  But with dance, it incorporates every area and actually demands the student use every area.  In order to excel and learn different movements in dance education programs, the students are required to be incredibly present in the moment and very focused on the tasks at hand.

It Teaches a Process (Especially Creatively)
Because creating and learning different dance movements and techniques is a process, it really teaches students to think in processes.  Coming up with the idea or technique, determining if it will work and how it should be accomplished, applying the method/technique, figuring out how it works and why, and finally having the ability to recreate it over and over again.  If we think about it, this type of process is something that should and could be applied to virtually anything else in our lives.  But because this is the common practice and procedure that is used in dance, it helps the students hone in on utilizing this process that they’re able to relate it and incorporate it into other aspects of their lives.  There aren’t many physical activities that require such a process to learn new techniques, but because this is a process that’s enforced and utilized throughout the dance education platform it separates itself from other educational platforms.

There are so many incredible benefits of the dance education platform, that it really lays out and shows us why it’s such an important form of education for anyone to begin to embrace into their lives.  No matter what your age, it’s a great form of education to embrace and try to see how it can change things in your life.

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