Treatments That May Reverse Signs of Aging

Published: September 19, 2016

Ohhh aging, it’s inevitable –right?  While so many people say it is just part of life, most of us would rather not LOOK like we’re aging.  Most people feel like once their skin starts to show signs of aging, there’s no turning back time.  However, that’s not the case anymore (thanks technology, and science!).  That’s right, there are ways to turn back time now.  We’ve discovered some treatments that may reverse the signs of aging – music to your ears?  Ours, too.  Don’t worry, we’re not holding all these great secrets to ourselves – we’re sharing the knowledge so you can check them out for yourself!

Fillers like botox aren’t a super new treatment, but it’s definitely something that’s become more widely accepted in our society.  While they were once looked at more for the mega wealthy and/or your favorite celebs, the everyday person now has more access to fillers than ever before.  There are a few different formulations now, depending on your needs, but they’ve been found to give some pretty amazing results on reversing signs of aging.  The other bonus of fillers is that they give you results pretty quickly!  One downside of this type of treatment is it’s not permanent, which means you have to continue to get fillers every so often if you want to keep the results up.

Chemical peels
Another treatment that isn’t brand new, but has definitely been known to show some pretty great results on reversing the signs of aging.  Chemical peels are exactly that – a peel that’s applied to your face to chemically remove the outer layers of skin.  It’s said that by removing the outer layer of your skin, the lower layers are able to be shown – those lower levels are believed to look more youthful and eliminate a lot of the wrinkles or other signs of aging.  There are a couple different types of chemical peels, depending on how drastic you want to be with it.  Many experts suggest understanding that there is some downtime in recovery after getting a chemical peel done as  your skin will be rather sensitive (especially with sunlight).

Laser treatments
You’ve probably noticed laser treatments seem to have come out of the woodwork lately with so many different types of lasers for different things.  It’s likely you’ve heard of laser treatments for hair removal, but they don’t stop there.  There are a lot of different laser treatments being used for anti-aging purposes and actually reversing the signs of aging.  The great thing about laser treatments is that they’re non-invasive.  It’s said that the light therapy done through laser treatments actually promote collagen production in the skin and regenerate/repair the skin.  Pretty awesome, right?  There’s not a lot of downtime for recovery with laser treatments, other than skin being a bit swollen for a few days post treatment and a bit of redness the day of the treatment.

Would you try any of these treatments that may reverse signs of aging?  Or have you?

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