Your Summer To Fall Skin care Transition

Published: September 12, 2016

Unfortunately, summer is coming to a close (hey, it was a nice run!) which means that fall is taking its place.  Now we often think about transitioning our wardrobes and changing up our makeup that we wear during this time of year, but what about your skin care?  There are actually a lot of changes happening in regards to the weather’s climate, and they can play a major role in your skin’s health.  There are some things to consider with your summer to fall skin care transition, and we’ve got you covered with some of the best tips!

Switch your products
Because of the climate changes that occur from summer to fall, your skin is going to have different needs.  Typically in the summer most of us are all about lightweight skin care products that don’t add too much heaviness to your skin, but come the fall months our skin is going to be drier and need a healthier skin care product.  Switching your moisturizer to something that’s heavier, even a cream is going to really help lock in the moisture during the transitional time.  In addition, you may notice that your skin seems to get a little more irritated as the weather changes experts suggest switching your cleanser to something that caters more towards gentle, sensitive skin to accommodate your skin’s needs.

Don’t forget the special treatments
Often times we think of masks and things as ‘extras’ that we don’t really NEED in our skin care routine, but they can really do wonders for you and your skin during the transitional periods.  Exfoliating is a must all year round, so if you’ve found yourself slacking on a normal exfoliating routine get back on it so your skin can make the most of it.  Additionally, many experts suggest adding in some hydrating masques this time of year to really promote moisture as the weather gets drier.  They’re great for helping your skin, ease into a different climate without going through a dreaded freak out period like many of us end up experiencing.

Your whole body needs some TLC
We tend to forget that the rest of our bodies need a little loving’ in the skin care department, not just our fears!  Many experts suggest that incorporating dry brushing into your skin care routine this time of year, especially, can be extremely beneficial to your skin.  It helps to eliminate dead skin cells and really get your skin all over your body in a healthy place.  Since our skin does tend to get pretty dry this time of year, dry brushing can help you miss some of that frustration.  And of course, don’t forget to moisturize your ENTIRE body – especially after you dry brush.  The point is, don’t leave the skin care strictly to your face.

Another thing that experts stress during this time of year, is not skipping the SPF.  Even though the sun may not seem as strong it’s still important to wear SPF daily.

What have you found helps your summer to fall skin care transition?

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