Throughout history precious and semi-precious stones have been valued for not only their beauty, but also for the mystical powers they were believed to hold. In fact, faith in the power of gemstones stretches way back into time. Historians uncovered cuneiform tablets which contained information about the meaning of gemstones and how they could be utilized for medicinal purposes. The beauty and scarcity of gemstones gave ancient civilizations cause to hold them in reverie and high esteem. Their use was reserved for the highest ranks of society such as kings, queens and other royalty. Today, it is entirely possible for you to treat yourself like nobility by indulging in Lionesse Gem; a line of skin care products infused with precious gems. Spoil your skin with high-quality products that contain the luxury of gemstones along with infusions of skin pampering ingredients. Lionesse Gem currently offers 5 lustrous collections – Amber Collection, Diamond Collection, Black Onyx Collection, White Pearl Collection, and Golden Sapphire Collection. Each collection is inspired by the gemstone it is named after and offers unique attributes for your skin care.

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Every day Lionesse gets women of all ages ready for special events, or even just because, with customized makeup applications and high fashion hair styles. We love helping women look their best and in turn helping them feel amazing and self-assured. We believe women should feel strong and beautiful in their own skin, not just when they look perfectly manicured. Our dedication to aiding women in looking beautiful and feeling beautiful left us wanting to do more and Lionesse Gem Skin Care was born. Lionesse Gem is a new tradition of skin care, which combines high quality anti-aging ingredients with gem stone treasures, aimed at making clients feel empowered and confident in their own skin.

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Diamonds, emblem of undying devotion, have long been the symbols of love. Though different cultures around the world may not be able to agree on the significance and meaning of diamonds, they can all acknowledge their awe of this stone and its beauty. Diamonds are considered one of the world’s most precious gems and are also known to be one of the hardest naturally occurring substances on earth. The strength of this gemstone combined with its beauty and rarity all seem to contribute to its mystical status as one of the most desired stones on earth. Now the allure and brilliance of diamonds can be a part of your skin care with the Lionessse Gem Diamond Collection


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