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June 2015

Definition of Beauty Rebel

Beauty rebels are those girls that go their own way in terms of beauty and fashion. Their style is based on things they personally like,..

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Cancer Horoscope: June 2015

From June 21st – July 22nd it is the reign of the Cancer sign when it comes to the Zodiac. Cancers are nurturing, loving, sweet, and..

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Beauty Tips for Cancer Girls

Cancer girls are known for their rounded faces and high cheekbones. The nose is generally on the smaller side, and the skin is typically..

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Skin Care History: The 80’s

During the 80’s, skin care was beginning to be a big deal. Women were starting to really take control of their appearance, and wanting to..

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Safe Tanning Advice

Tanning is something many women like to indulge in to give themselves a beautiful, even glow. Sometimes, though, tanning can be deadly...

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Exfoliation for Summer

Exfoliation is an essential part of a weekly skin care regimen which can help your skin to look and feel its most beautiful. The summer..

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