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August 2015

How to Get Glowing Skin

You don’t have to be pregnant to get that “glow.” You can have skin worthy of Oscar nominees on the red carpet by just making some..

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Summer Skin Care Tricks

When it comes to our skin, the way you treat it doesn’t seem to make much difference when you’re young. Sometime later on, the attention..

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Skin Care Tips from the 90’s

Anyone paying attention to beauty trends over a few decades knows that at the essence of practically every modern style, practice and..

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Newest Beauty Trends to Know

In the world of beauty trends, and trends in general, everything is always changing and evolving. Some trends we will love and adore,..

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Waterproof Makeup Tips

Choosing to use cosmetic products requires you to have a bit of knowledge of the product, or the willingness to learn how to use the..

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A Historical Look At Mermaids

Mermaids are an enchanting, beautiful part of folklore and history – one that many of us may have had interest in at some points in our..

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