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September 2015

How to Celebrate You

Some women just seem to be born with all the self-confidence they would ever need, and live their lives in a manner that reflects..

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Age-Defying Ingredients

It seems we spend the first quarter of our lives wishing we were (and looked) older than our true age, and then the other three quarters..

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What Is Waist Training All About?

No, you did not read it incorrectly, and no, it’s not “weight” spelled the wrong way, either. Waist training is an innovative, clever way..

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Lip Transition for Fall

With your collection of swimsuits still hanging out where you can easily grab one for a quick dip in a nearby pool, it may seem that Fall..

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Skin Trends for Fall

With all the talk of new fashion trends for the fall season, and all the new looks that come down the runway at New York Fashion Week,..

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Glowing Skin for Fall

Fall is the season that we associate with dryness; dry leaves, dry air, and dry skin. Fall is an important time to take care of our skin..

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