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August 2016

Peculiar Epidermal Facts

By now you’re taking great care of your skin – right?  You go through your trusted skin care routine, live by healthy skincare habits and..

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Nutrition For Healthy Bones

Building and obtaining healthy bones is important to your overall health, to say the least.  If you don’t have healthy bones you can..

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Proper Hand Washing Techniques

We all wash our hands multiple times a day (hopefully!).  It’s often just this ‘thing’ that’s a habit and we rush through actually doing..

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Your Skin Speaks Volumes

Our skin really is a fascinating organ, not only is it the largest organ in out body but it can also tell us a lot about our health. ..

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Desk Drawer Beauty Must-Haves

If you’re a working woman you probably have a stash of certain things in your desk drawer.  Maybe they’re snacks or little treats, maybe..

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