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Gemstones and Cosmetics

For thousands of years, in cultures all over the world, gemstones have played an integral part in health and beauty. Even after countless scientific discoveries, along with numerous technological innovations, gemstones still hold a unique place in the world of skin care. Rather than doing away with the need for gemstones, all of the progress in the modern world serves as a way to take gemstone skin care to the next level. These precious stones can now be ground up into the finest of powders for ease of application.

Lionesse Gem

Lionesse Gem is dedicated to harnessing the unique power of gemstones. With each gem’s unique spirit-lifting benefits, Lionesse Gem collections provide each wearer with distinct benefits. Enjoy a more beautiful appearance and positive outlook each and every day.

When combined with other skincare superstars, our signature gemstones become all the more powerful. The Lionesse Gem skin care collections each feature a different gemstone, along with a wide range of skin-enhancing ingredients such as minerals, botanical extracts and vitamins. Each ingredient has been specially-curated to support and enhance the gemstone that it accompanies. When blended into such potent formulas, gemstones become an unstoppable force against a wide range of skin concerns, and each Lionesse Gem collection helps to target those individual issues.

Healing Power

Gemstones in general are also known for the way in which they promote healthy circulation while emitting a calming and healing energy. No matter which gemstone you use, these precious stones will bestow your skin with a radiant glow, giving it a natural brightness from within. By bringing these ancient ingredients together with the industry's many modern advancements, Lionesse Gem is able to effectively revitalize every skin type, helping you to deal with any skin problems that you have been struggling with.

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