Acne Around the Hairline

Published: March 7, 2016

Everyone suffers from a bad hair day, from time to time, and it’s nice that these hair fails can be dealt with, fairly easily. Anything from a hat or a scarf to a refined updo can quickly recover a great look without anyone being the wiser but you. You can, from time to time, experience other not-so-easy-to-fix issues with hair that are more trouble and more difficult to conceal. One of these is that disappointing hairline breakout that you suddenly spot while engaging with the mirror for a last minute glance on your way out. Once you spot a hairline pimple or breakout, there’s no unseeing it, and many attempts to cover one up can result in making the issue far worse. There’s help for this very real problem, and hope for anyone who doesn’t have the choice of staying home till the zit departs.

Common Causes of Hairline Breakout Issues
There are a bunch of hairstyling products that produce hairline breakouts. The sad thing is, these products are merely doing what they’re supposed to do–and doing it very well. It’s because they are so effective at what they do that they can so easily clog pores and prevent your surrounding skin from being able to breathe. Such trouble can stem from all kinds of styling products for your hair, from shampoo and conditioners, to all the different heat protectants and style holders. A lot of the breakout-inducing action of hair care products has to do with how most are formulated to stay stuck to the hair–where they are intended to work. That’s good, right? Well, yes, it’s good for the hair, but not for the skin. All of these great hair products feature thickening agents, emollients, quaterniums, like 15 and 87–and acrylates–just to name a few, that by nature are pure and unadulterated pore-cloggers.

Protect Your Hairline While in the Shower
The shower is where your hair and hairline most frequently comes in contact with your shampoo and conditioner. Always follow shampooing and conditioning with a face and hairline cleansing, to remove the hair products from the area. Don’t use more conditioner than is absolutely necessary, and it really doesn’t have to be applied any closer toward the scalp than an inch or so.

Protect Your Hairline from Styling Products
There are a number of ways that styling products can interfere with your hairline. People who have bangs, and those who wear heavy volumes of styling control products and subsequently sweat a lot are among the most common ways to clog those hairline pores and produce breakouts. Try to avoid the hairline area and skin when applying these different styling products. When possible, avoid putting products on hair that comes in contact with your face. Silicone? Don’t worry. Silicone is porous, breathable and won’t negatively affect your skin at all.

Being Careful and Still Breaking Out?
Even if, after doing everything right, you still wound up with the problem, there’s help. First, switch to a gentle formulation cleanser that’s a liquid, as bar soaps and cleansers contain binding agents to keep their form–duh!) Those binding agents are also pore-cloggers. Make sure to never sleep in makeup, and cleanse all styling products particularly from your hairline before going to bed, too. You might try adding one more gentle cleansing session to your daily regimen. Begin weekly exfoliating with a solution that contains BHA. Start using a benzoyl peroxide solution after cleansing your hairline skin. Benzoyl peroxide is the gold standard for reducing acne and irritation.

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