Advice From Apple Martin

Published: April 18, 2016

Apple Martin is a true Hollywood Princess.  After all, she is the daughter of Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin.  Even though Apple is the daughter of two mega-stars, including having a mom with her own skin care lines, you may be surprised to learn that mom Gwyneth has said Apple is more of a skin care expert than she is!  Shocked?  While many of us may not have expected to hear the GOOP creator say her daughter is more into beauty than she is, it’s not too surprising that Gwyneth also shared she was inspired by her daughter’s love of all things beauty and that was a big push for her to create a green-friendly skin care line.

While you would think Princess Apple became fascinated about makeup and beauty being around Hollywood, but mom Gwyneth said she learned a lot from watching YouTube videos!  Who knew?  Celeb princesses ARE just like us!  Even more shocking?  Apple’s mom lets her purchase inexpensive makeup (think huge eyeshadow palettes for less than $2).  In a recent interview, Gwyneth said she’s ok with her daughter purchasing inexpensive makeup and beauty products but will often kind of cringe at the thought of what’s actually in the products.  Coming from a woman who’s made waves talking about going green and sticking to strict diets, that’s a bit shocking!

Gwyneth Paltrow
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While Gwyneth sticks to a more strict makeup and beauty regimen, she claims she did pick up a huge tip from her makeup guru daughter.  To use a beauty blender when applying foundation!  Those that have watched beauty tutorials on YouTube know about that tip, and it is most likely where Apple picked that up from.  How refreshing to find out that Apple Martin, a celebrity princess in her own right is picking up HER favorite beauty and makeup tips from YouTube tutorials just like we are?

If you’re new to the beauty tutorial game, you’re definitely going to want to jump on Apple’s beauty blender tip.  Beauty blenders are known for creating a flawless finish to your foundation and other cream based face products.  It’s a trick many celebrity makeup artists have used and thanks to YouTube beauty experts, more and more of us Princesses can achieve the same look, easily!  Typically you want to use the beauty blender damp, this is what helps create that more flawless finish.  When the blender is a bit damp it allows the product to mesh with your skin a bit easier.  Additionally, the blender helps smooth the product out to avoid any areas that may have too much product or any splotches.  Say hello to an even, flawless finish with this amazing beauty tool!

So while we may feel that celebrities and their princess kids have access to the best in the world (which they do), they still grow up and experiment with makeup and beauty products just like the rest of us princesses do – refreshing, isn’t it?  Don’t forget to take a note from Princess Apple and get yourself a beauty blender.  If Hollywood royalty is all about it, it’s time for us to give it a try!

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