Anti-Aging Foods To Enjoy This Spring

Published: March 24, 2017

Spring is well on its way, if it’s not already feeling like spring where you live. Lately in the beauty world, it’s all about focusing on how much our inner health can impact our outer health. Experts have found that there are quite a few foods that have pretty powerful anti-aging benefits. Since we’re about to have a seasonal shift, we also have a whole new grouping of seasonal foods to enjoy. In fact, there are some great anti-aging foods to enjoy this spring.

Nothing feels quite like the warmer weather months like indulging in some fresh strawberries, does it? Well fortunately, strawberries are gearing up to be in season for the spring and summer months and they’re loaded with some benefits you may not be aware of. Yep, strawberries are actually loaded with alpha hydroxyl acids. Why is this important? Well, alpha hydroxyl acids have been found to help give skin a youthful glow and appearance and even reduce signs of aging in the skin.  Not only are these berries delicious and sweet, they can also help you turn back time with your skin!

Most of us grew up being told that carrots are great for our eyesight, but this spring you may begin looking at carrots a bit differently.


Why? Well, as it turns out, carrots are high in beta-carotene, when beta-carotene is absorbed into the body it actually turns into vitamin A. You’ve probably noticed, vitamin A is a common ingredient used in anti-aging skin care products. Vitamin A is widely used in anti-aging products because of its ability to help create a more youthful appearance in the skin. So, looks like it’s time to indulge in carrots throughout this spring, huh?

Does this one surprise you? Beets haven’t always had the best rap, but you may change your mind if you haven’t been on the beet train up to this point. For starters, they’re in season during the spring season so it’s a great time to try incorporating them into your diet. Additionally, they’re loaded with some pretty powerful anti-aging benefits–did we get your attention? Beets are rich in powerful antioxidants that have been found to help the skin’s appearance and ability to fight the aging process. Additionally, beets have been found to help reduce inflammation in the body. Many experts have found that inflammation in the body can cause signs of aging to appear sooner, and be more difficult to get rid of. So beets are helping with the antioxidant aspect as well as the reduction of inflammation. Talk about a win-win right?

Since these foods are about to be in season, they’re going to be much more accessible and easier to find, making it much easier for you to incorporate them into your diet. Look for ways to add them to your meals as much as possible to really get the anti-aging benefits from these powerful foods.

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