Are You Ready For Retinol?

Published: December 19, 2016

You’ve probably heard quite a bit of discussion about retinol skin care products, especially in the anti-aging realm of skin care.  In fact, you’ve probably even seen us chat about retinol skin care products a time or two.  Retinol products have definitely made a major impact on the skin care world, and quickly.  It truly seems like you can’t turn a corner without someone talking about it or hearing that their products do contain retinol.  But you may be wondering, ‘are you ready for retinol?’  It’s a valid question, especially since retinol is typically an ingredient used for anti-aging purposes – but they’re also used for skin care concerns like acne and uneven skin tones.  So we’re breaking down some things to consider to see if you are in fact ready for retinol.

Don’t Start Too Early
With many skin care products age isn’t as much of a factor as skin type is, but with retinol products, many experts suggest that you don’t start using them until you’re in your late 20’s.  The reason behind the age factor with retinol products is the fact that in your late 20’s is often when people begin to notice changes in their skin from sun damage and elasticity changes – so retinols are more relevant to your skin at this point, where it isn’t so much in your years prior to this.

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Consider Your Skin’s Sensitivity
Retinol products are great for many different skin types, but if you have very sensitive skin you may experience the negative side effects that can occur with retinol products.  Many experts suggest that if you get breakouts very often and tend to have a lot of skin sensitivities you may want to try some other skin care products before going to retinol usage.  However, if you’ve already tried the other skin care products and ingredients and found that you’re just not getting the results you want start very slowly with retinol products.  Make sure you’re extra careful, and even ask your trusted skin care professional to ask what tips they would advise to make sure you don’t have any negative breakouts from the retinol use.

Make Sure You’re On a Consistent Skin Care Routine
Like with any skin care product, to really get the best use out of the ingredients and products it’s crucial that you’re in the habit of being consistent with your skin care routine.  Not only just applying the products, but your overall skin care regimen.  Since retinol products can increase the sensitivity in your skin, mainly to the sun, you need to be sure that you’re ready and willing to make sure that you’re taking necessary precautions to protect your skin from the sun by applying SPF products and being careful on your sun exposure for your skin.   In addition, since many retinol products are best started by a slow and steady application process, you need to make sure that you’re willing to really be consistent and regimented about your application process.

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