Beach Day Skin Prep And Protection

Published: July 24, 2017

Planning some days at the beach soon? It’s definitely the season of soaking up as many beach days as possible. That is, if you live in an area where a beach is accessible to you. While we love the beach as much as anyone else, our skin doesn’t love the beach quite as much as the rest us do. Our skin tends to take on a lot of stress during beach days because of the sun exposure that comes along with it. Beach day skin prep and protection should be a top priority before stepping foot out the door. There are a few things you can do, to make sure your prep and protection habits are beneficial

Ensure Your Skin is Well Moisturized
Here’s the deal…our skin needs, no craves moisture. When our skin is lacking enough moisture it’s not as strong and protected as it needs to be to face the harsh elements at the beach. That being said, ensuring that your skin is well moisturized needs to be a major focus before heading to the beach. Using a moisturizing product that’s a bit thicker and heavier than you may normally wear before heading to the beach can really help to lock in additional moisture. Chances are your skin is going to be zapped of a lot of its natural moisture while you’re at the beach, so your skin can handle some extra moisture with a heavier product.

woman at the beach

Stay Hydrated
In addition to focusing on applying a quality moisturizing product externally to your skin, you also want to focus on your overall hydration. When you’re not well hydrated, meaning you haven’t been consuming enough water, your skin can become weaker and tends to lack enough hydration which can cause your skin to be more prone to damage from the sun. In the days leading up to your beach day, really make sure you’re spending enough time focusing on drinking enough water. It’s not enough to just drink some water right before heading to the beach, this is something that you should be in the habit of and preparing a couple of days in advance. This way your skin is given the chance to really obtain the benefits from drinking the water and is able to become much more hydrated internally.

SPF is Key
Of course, we can’t forget about the importance of applying sunscreen before heading to the beach. Experts suggest that you should apply SPF to your skin at least 20 minutes prior to leaving. Applying SPF a bit before you leave allows your skin to fully absorb the SPF products and adapt a protective barrier. In addition to applying SPF to your skin, keep in mind that you need to be in the habit of reapplying throughout the day. Yes, this means that you can’t just apply SPF once and be well protected. Reapplying SPF throughout the day (every 2-3 hours is suggested) will help maintain protection of your skin and give your skin a nice protective prep.

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