Beauty Tips for Taurus Girls

Published: April 22, 2015

Image of a woman with a hairstyle that depicts the Taurus sun sign.


Taurus women are the type of women who love the finer things in life. When it comes to their beauty, they will spend anything to get the look they want. They are generally gorgeous by nature, have flawless skin, and their appearance is everything. Lionesse has put together some of the most fitting beauty tips for the Taurus woman, to give you an idea as to the look you should go for and how you can make it happen.

Taking care of skin with skin care products

Good Skin Care Is a Must
Choosing great products to care for your skin isn’t even a question for the Taurus woman. She knows her skin is one of her best assets, and therefore, is willing to care for it the right way. Clear, clean gorgeous skin is essential to the overall Taurus look. To practice good skin care habits, be sure to cleanse twice daily, moisturize in the morning with a day moisturizer, and at night with a night cream. Exfoliate the skin once per week using a gentle exfoliating peel, and opt for facial treatments once per month.

Beautiful pink lips

Focus on Your Pout
Taurus women know their pout is just as important as their skin, and therefore they know they need to care for this area as much as they care for their face. Applying a good lip balm on a daily basis will keep the lips hydrated, silky smooth and perfect, and will also be a great base to lipstick application. Using a gentle lip exfoliant once per week will keep your pout in check. Care for the area surrounding the lips by using moisture cream, and targeting any fine lines with serums containing Vitamin E or Vitamin C, or both.

Woman applying neutral eye shadow.

Stay Neutral and Earthy
When it comes to choosing cosmetic colors, neutral, earthy tones are almost always best. When opting for eye shadows, choose tans, creams, greens, and other neutral colors. The same applies when choosing a foundation, powders, or blush hues. Earth tones will work for any look you are going for.

Applying highlighting powder

Highlighting Powder
Since Taurus women generally have beautiful faces, they should always opt for highlighting their cheek and brow bones with a good highlighting powder that doesn’t add color but moreso adds illumination. Choose a good highlighting powder as part of your daily makeup application technique, and you can’t go wrong.

Illuminating Foundation
During the spring months especially, Taurus women will want to choose foundations that are thin and barely there, and the best type of foundation – whether it be liquid, powder, or mousse – for a Taurus woman is an illuminating foundation that gives the skin a healthy glow.

Woman looking into the mirror and applying foundation.  Natural makeup theme.

Less is More
Less makeup application is always more in terms of the Taurus woman. When applying your makeup, be sure to apply minimal cosmetics, opt for a sheer look, and only use as much product as absolutely necessary to go on about your day. The less is more look isn’t only appropriate for Taurus women, but for every woman during the spring and summer months.

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