Black Onyx


The term “onyx” comes from the Greek word “onyx,” which means fingernails or claws. According to ancient Greek folklore, the goddess of love, Venus was asleep when Cupid cut her fingernails and allowed these nails to scatter on the ground. According to mythology, since no part of a god could actually die, these fingernails transformed into a stone that was later known as the onyx.

LIO Gem Black Onyx Stone

The Lore

Beliefs and folklores pertaining to the black onyx have varied from one country to another over time. It is known to calm ardors of love in India. The Middle East associates it with the ways of the sorcerers. Romans have always associated the gemstone with courage and believe that it is extremely useful for those defending themselves against injustice. According to ancient magic lore, onyx was a manifestation of a demon who was imprisoned within the stone. The demon would awake at night in order to spread nightmares and terror of its existence among the people within its influence.

On the other hand, many cultures have signified black onyx with new beginnings and rejuvenation. It should not come as a surprise that the ancients began to use it in health and skincare. A few historical civilizations have used the gem to heal blood disorders, bones and teeth while others have also used it in healing skin diseases such as rashes and inflammations and infected wounds.

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According to tales, black onyx helps a person to heal from emotional wounds, fill the wearer with the gift of eloquence while expressing his or her love, help in increasing concentration levels and even in growing fingernails. No doubt each of these benefits is associated with the folklores and tales of the respective countries. The Great Roman Civilization used onyx in its seals. Throughout the ages, cameo brooches and Intaglio etchings have also been made with onyx.

Given the fascination and folkloric mysteries associated with the black onyx, it is a matter of natural course that the Lionesse Gem skin care line should include a collection featuring this rare gemstone. Experience the opulent luxury and mysterious enchantment of this precious stone in the 3-product Black Onyx Collection, which has been designed to throw you back to the opulent days of the black onyx.