Brooke Shields Beauty Inspirations

Published: June 18, 2015

Brooke Shields
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Brooke Shields is one of the prettiest ladies in Hollywood, and her career began when she was just a child, but really ramped up during the 80’s. This brunette star had perfect features, from her gorgeous perfectly proportioned nose, to her amazing lips – and best of all, her coveted eyebrows. Every girl wanted to have those gorgeous, luscious eyebrows – and many tried. There are many beauty inspirations that came from the lovely Brooke Shields, and Lionesse will discuss a few of those below.

Thick, Natural Eyebrows
Brooke Shields’ eyebrows are still till this very day an adored style which many women would do anything to have. Her brows were always thick, dark, and natural – and they looked as though they could have been painted on, they were so perfect. In today’s world, there’s nothing more incredible than bold, lush brows – and to get the look, you could opt for a dark brow powder, brow liner, and brow gel to hold your eyebrows in place. There are myriad eyebrow tutorials online which depict exactly how to get Brooke’s look.

Natural Beauty Look
Brooke is known to be more of a natural beauty than layering on makeup products. During the 80’s in her younger years, she did wear a significant amount of color – but that faded out swiftly in the 90’s. Her flawless face and beautiful features help a great deal with this, no doubt – and keep her looking absolutely stunning. When she does opt for a cosmetic look, she normally sticks with mauves, nudes, pinks, and the occasional red lip. Her eyeshadow is normally tan to brown, and is done in a classy manner so as to play up her already gorgeous eyes. Her cheeks are usually natural looking with a touch of blush or bronzer. If you want to get Brooke’s look, opt for a more natural looking approach.

Hair Inspiration
Brooke has also always been known for her gorgeous, luscious brown locks. Her hair is usually kept at about 5-6 inches past her shoulders, and you can usually see her nowadays wearing wavy ends to her hair. Her hair is normally worn down, and looks exceptional for her age. She has, over the decades, been known to wear styles completely trendy to the times, such as ponytails in the 80’s, adorned with scrunchies, and updo styles with poofy bangs. She always stays current yet gorgeous throughout time – and even at 50 years old, her hair is still stunningly inspirational.

Brooke Shields is just one of those women in Hollywood we have all come to know and love. She has stayed out of the mainstream media for a while, and generally likes to stick to herself – save for the incident with Tom Cruise and his and her debate against psychiatric treatment and therapy, when she announced she would be seeking help for her post-partum depression. Nonetheless, she is an admirable woman with exceptional talent and beauty – and we are honored to have been able to feature an article on this lovely lady.

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