Can Caffeine Improve the Look of Eyes?

Published: July 31, 2015

On those days where you wake up in the morning and you take a look at yourself in the mirror, only to find your eyes look extremely tired, maybe even a little dark underneath, you will do anything for a quick fix to get yourself back to looking normal again. You try that cup of coffee, but it’s just not cutting it. What gives? Today, Lionesse has some information as to whether caffeine can really improve the look of your eyes – and when, if at all.

Coffee beans spilling out of a mug.

Drinking Caffeine vs. Topical Application
Although drinking caffeine has been known to awaken the senses and helps us to feel as though we’re more revitalized throughout the day. Many people opt for that morning cup of coffee, followed by another cup on the go, and another when they arrive at work. It’s what keeps them going, and focused, and able to thrive throughout the morning and afternoon. When it comes to drinking or ingesting caffeine, however, it can be great for your mind – but it doesn’t do much in terms of reviving or improving the look of your eyes or skin.

When products containing caffeine are applied directly to the skin underneath the eyes, it can provide a more awakened, brightened look to the eye area – but this is when the product is topically applied, remember. There are products which are specifically made for those long nights and early mornings where you haven’t had nearly enough rest, and wake up looking as such. These products usually come in the form of a face stick, cream, serum, or salve of some sort, and should be applied by dotting on gently to the eye area.

Woman applying eye cream.

Other Methods of Topical Application
Other methods of topical application for the eye area would be to brew tea, and use the tea bags underneath the eyes or over closed eyes for about 10 minutes worth of time, to brighten, awaken, and moisturize the skin. Green tea bags are the best tea bags of choice for this as they don’t stain the skin, they brighten the skin well, and they are loaded with antioxidants that are beneficial as well as hydrating to the undereye area. Green tea will help to alleviate any dull looking eyes, tired eyes, puffy eyes, and even help relieve dark circles. Tea bags are all natural and can be used on any skin type, skin tone, and age range because they are safe, natural, and effective.

You can also make a homemade caffeine compress for the undereye area, utilizing ground coffee which has been brewed. Simply add some brewed coffee grounds to a cheesecloth, and also incorporate some cucumber slices, as well as lemon slices, and wrap the cheesecloth up. Pour some purified water over the cheesecloth, squeeze a little, and apply a pouch underneath each eye. The coffee grounds will immediately infuse the skin with caffeine, while the cucumber will refresh, revive, and hydrate the skin, and the lemon will brighten the skin naturally.

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