Caring For Moles And Skin Tags

Published: July 3, 2017

Our skin can throw us all different types of curve balls. From acne breakouts to moles and skin tags…and everything else because our skin is the largest organ in our bodies and the one that’s exposed to so many external elements it’s faced with a lot of different factors that can result on the surface of our skin. Moles and skin tags are generally harmless and not something that you need to worry about. They can form on your skin’s surface from a multitude of reasons, but just like anything else with our skin caring for moles and skin tags should be something you’re educated on.

Be Cautious About the Area
As we mentioned, moles and skin tags are harmless to your health. The biggest complained most people have about moles and skin tags is irritation when the area is rubbed, scraped or bumped repeatedly. That being said, we suggest in part of the process of caring for moles and skin tags you maintain awareness of the area to avoid a lot of those irritations from arising. If you find that the area in which you have moles and/or skin tags is difficult to keep from getting irritated on a regular basis it could be worth looking into removal.

Watch For Any Changes
This relates to moles more so than skin tags, but moles should be monitored regularly. Because of their appearance, watching for any changes in size, color and even shape should be noted and brought to the attention of your skin professional. If you feel as though a mole doesn’t look quite like any other moles you may have on your body, go to the doctor to have them do a more thorough check. We don’t say this to cause you alarm, but it is important to understand that biopsies can and should be done in the result of a mole appearing different or changing in appearance. So basically…keep your eyes on them.

Considering Removal Options
Even though they’re harmless, many individuals choose to look into the removal process of moles and/or skin tags because of what we mentioned above. If this is something you’re considering, the most important thing to do is consider and understand your options. Removing moles and skin tags isn’t something that should be done at home. While it may be tempting to take matters into your own hands, to maintain your skin’s health and avoid infection seek the help of a trusted professional for the removal process. There are three common forms of removal for these skin concerns. Cutting, freezing and burning and the most commonly used removal options that medical professionals find to be best. Understanding the different options, and talking to your medical professional about the best option for you is suggested to make sure that you’re clear on the procedure. While all of the procedures are done often in the medical field, seeking the attention of a trusted professional is something that we can’t stress the importance of enough.

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