Cleaning Up Your Skin Care Routine

Published: June 30, 2017

Since you’re joining us here, we’re willing to bet that developing a solid skin care routine is something you value. As it should be! Creating a skin care routine that truly works for you, caters to any skin care concerns, and helps to reach your skin care goals is no simple task. While you may be trucking along with your typical skin care routine, looking for ways to improve should be something you always have your eyes on. We want to chat a bit about cleaning up your skin care routine. There are certain habits that tend to be common for people, but are fortunately easy to clean up.

Washing Your Makeup Brushes
Did you feel a ping of guilt when you read that? It often seems like women DON’T clean their makeup brushes more than they actually do. This is a big step in really cleaning up your skin care routine. Makeup brushes are something that can seem like a pain to clean, but they can be causing a lot of problems to your skin. Because makeup brushes house bacteria on bacteria…your skin is much more prone to breakouts and other skin concerns when you don’t clean them regularly. Think about it. When you use a makeup brush you’re using them on your face, sweeping them across your skin. Skin that does have bacteria, oil and dirt on the surface. That just gets built up the longer you go without cleaning your brushes. For the best results and maintaining your skin’s health, cleaning your brushes at least once a week is going to keep your skin much happier and free of all that extra bacteria.

Woman changing bedsheets

Keeping Sheets Clean
This one is very similar to makeup brushes, but really think about how often you’re washing your sheets. Primarily your pillowcases. Pillowcases, just like makeup brushes, get built up with bacteria, oil and dirt when we rest our skin on them every night. We’re not saying that you shouldn’t use sheets at all, but keeping them clean and actually cleaning them on a consistent and regular basis is going to do wonders for your skin.

Not Touching Your Face Too Much
We get it…it’s a habit to touch your face throughout the day. It’s even more common to touch your face when you’re dealing with acne breakouts or other skin concerns. You may not even really realize how often you’re touching and picking at your face, but you should start being more aware of it. The problem with touching your face is you’re adding bacteria and oil to your face that’s on your hands and fingers. When you really think about it, it makes sense-right? Experts often stress that one of the biggest problems (or habits, if you will) that many of us have is picking and touching our face too often. Not only are we adding bacteria and oil, but touching your face can cause inflammation and irritation in the skin that you just don’t need to be dealing with.

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