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Published: November 13, 2015

Taraji P. Henson
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Nobody does fierce makeup and fashion like Taraji P. Henson’s character, Cookie Lyons, on the new hit show Empire. On the show, Cookie is the ex-wife of hip-hop mogul Luscious Lyons. In a twist of fate, she spent over a decade in prison. Cookie’s out and she’s determined to retrieve what was taken from her. Cookie embodies personal drive and determination in her looks. She’s back and she’s not wasting any time. Cookie is the queen of entrances; nobody can ignore her. Let’s look at her beauty and fashion practices to discover what it takes to be a stylish diva and powerful woman.

Style Guide 
With a rag to riches fairy tale come true, Cookie’s style has evolved from edgy street-wear to the cutting edge of urban chic. From a day at the office to an evening affair, all eyes are on Cookie. She loves to wear bold animal prints, fur, gold trim, denim, chains and leather, sequins, trend-setting jumpsuits and curve-hugging dresses. She accessorizes with name brand purses and shoes. Her jewelry is eye-catching and dripping in gold chains, hoop and dangle earrings and dazzling rings.  Her character is strong inside and out. It’s quite motivating to see a fiery businesswoman and mother who makes bold fashion choices and wins every time.

Face Care Routine
Henson, who plays Cookie, has naturally flawless cocoa-toned skin that radiates with hydration and health. Her beauty regimen is known to begin with a light scrub and a dab of anti- age serum. She removes makeup with an oil-free wipe and follows with a delicate wash. She enjoys a shea-nut butter based lotion for glowing and soft skin. Henson takes great care of her skin, allowing for a beautiful palette for Cookie’s jaw-dropping makeup practices.

Many women want to draw attention to either their lips or their eyes. With Cookie’s flawless skin, she fearlessly rocks both a dramatic eye and color lip. She may pair a note-perfect cat eye with bright red lips or a smoldering smoky eye with immaculately applied fuchsia lips. To add to her seducing glam, she’s always ready with an error-free arched brow and long, full silky eyelashes.

Whether you recreate Cookie’s signature hairdos with wigs, added hair or straighteners, her style is always on point. She’s often featuring her face with on-target short bangs and long satiny locks. One gorgeous look involves classic Hollywood glamor with long wavy tresses perfectly placed to her shoulders. Contrasting that look, she has a relaxed coiffed do pulled to the side or in a high bun. Even when she dons a designer head scarf, it’s tied exquisitely. From head to toe, Cookie Lyon is impressive and picture perfect for any occasion.

Why We Love Cookie
Cookie’s beauty starts with her inner strength. She’s relatable because regardless of what life throws at her, she finds a way to do and be better. Absolutely no one can hold her back or keep her down. She understands her gifts and skills and is relentless in the pursuit of her dreams. This spirit is present in her beauty and fashion. Always foxy and never dull, Cookie embodies the “you only live once” mentality and really goes for it with each outfit, piece of jewelry, designer accessory, hair styles and makeup. Try any and all of her looks with a no-turning-back passion and experience what it’s like to be a brilliant diva.

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