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Lionesse is not just a regular salon, it is an all solution luxury boutique that also offers makeovers. Each of our products are known to revolutionize the way you look at beauty and skin care and our fabulous makeovers are likely to leave you glowing for days.

There are obviously going to be those times when you feel the need to contact us. We always look forward to hearing from you. Complaints, suggestions, praises or inquiries – we love it all. If you wish to get in touch with us, all you need to do is enter your information into the contact form below and we will get back to you as quickly as possible. In order for us to get back to you as quickly as possible include detailed contact information. If your comment or concern is urgent please contact our customer service team at 877-554-1777.

Lionesse Gem is extremely strict about its privacy policy and it considers the privacy of all its visitors to be extremely important. As a result, Lionesse Gem does not believe in sharing any of the personal contact information received through this form with third parties or marketing agencies.

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      Hello Jan Parker,
      We are glad you are enjoying the product. If you have received defective equipment please contact our customer service at 877-554-1777 so they may remedy this situation for you.
      Thank you,
      Lionesse Gem

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    Vikki Presas

    Can you please tell me how long these products typically last, the day cream, Vit C, etc. The beauty consultant told me one thing and I have my doubts. Could you please answer this question for me? Thank you!

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      Hello Vikki Presas,
      The amount of the time the product will last varies by each person. It depends how often it is used and how much is used at a time. The life of a product like a day cream is usually 1 to 2 years.
      Thank you,
      Lionesse Gem

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    I purchased white pearl facial peeling and white pearl vitamin c serum. There are no written directions in the boxes, and one short demo in the store is not adequate. A video would be even better!

  3. 6

    You might want to consider doing some video instruction on the use of your beauty care products, including frequency based on skin type, etc. I have very dry skin, and have not found the product generally helps with that dryness. Love the eye creams; found them to be very helpful.

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      Lionesse Gem

      Hi Janet Barsotti,
      We recommend using the Facelift Filler before special events, you can use it the night before or morning of.
      Lionesse Gem

  4. 9

    The 700 product fr facelift . The man at counter used it aroud. Y eyes and it is greatCan I use this same product around my mouth which is where I have more problems as in the Jowl area
    Also kn the neck.

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      Lionesse Gem

      Hi Karla Newsom,
      You can use this product on any area of concern on your face. Be careful not to use it to close to your eye (do not use on eyelids) or too close to the inside of your mouth.
      Thank you,
      Lionesse Gem

  5. 11

    Is Lionesse and Oceane the same company? While shopping in Vegas, I purchased Oceane product but was given a Lionesse product and not sure why? Just checking.

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      Lionesse Gem

      Hi Brenda Kyle,
      We recommend using the White Pearl Facelift Filler before special events, either the night before or morning of.
      Lionesse Gem

  6. 15
    Gay Luke

    I recently purchased Amber Facial Peeling and like many customers I am not clear on the use of this product. Your consultant did the demo with many products, a lot of info, and offers and normal hustle and bustle in a busy mall after I had had a 13 hour flight so I would appreciate some detailed info on the most beneficial way to use this product.
    It is a pity there is not better information on this site regarding all the products.
    Thanks and regards

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      Lionesse Gem

      Thank you for contacting us, one of our representatives will contact you with more information (please check your spam and other folders). If you would like you can also contact our customer service directly via phone at 877-554-1777.
      Thank you,
      Lionesse Gem

  7. 17

    HI, I just purchased the White Pearl Facelift filler and was told to use it once a week for 6 weeks and then 1 x per month after that. It is supposed to improve your wrinkles over time. Can you confirm ? All I am seeing online is that you can use as needed to improve you looks for special events.

    • 18
      Lionesse Gem

      Hi Kristy,
      We recommend using the Facelift Filler at least once a week to achieve the best results, it is also popular for use before special events. If you have any further questions feel free to contact our customer service at 877-554-1777.
      Thank you,
      Lionesse Gem

  8. 25
    Kathie Evans

    I just purchased the White Pearl Facelift Filler yesterday, and was told to use it on clean dry skin around my under eye area every night for 6 months only. Is this correct, & then what after that 6 month period of time?

    • 26
      Lionesse Gem

      Hi Kathie Evans,
      Store staff usually create personalized recommendations for product use based on individual needs. We recommend following the instructions they provided.
      Thank you,
      Lionesse Gem

    • 28
      Lionesse Gem

      Hi Hina,

      While we are against animal testing, certain products may contain animal by-products.

      Should you feel the need to know more about the ingredients contained in specific products, please visit a store or contact our customer service team representative at the telephone number listed below.

      Thank you

  9. 31
    Jane Hyde

    What is the best product ? On the mall they told me about White Pearl & Black Onyx. Didn’t know about Amber, Golden Sapphire or Diamond . What is the different in these products? I did purchase the White Pearl & Black Onyx. And can these products ever get more affortable?

    • 32
      Lionesse Gem

      Hi Jane,

      Thank you for contacting Lionesse. Each product from Lionesse contains unique ingredient formulations which have been designed to address specific skin concerns. Should you wish to know more about the best products for your skin care regimen, please visit the nearest Lionesse store or get in touch with our customer service representative at the telephone number listed below.

      Thank you

  10. 33
    Sharon Kelly

    Do you have a Portland OR location?
    I want to replace several items and want to know price and delivery time.
    I don’t see an acct # on my purchase package in Hawaii which assists in getting wholesale price.

    Sharon Kelly

    • 34
      Lionesse Gem

      Hi Sharon,

      We do not have a Lionesse seller in Portland, OR at this time. For information on our wholesale pricing, please complete the form here.

      Thank you

  11. 35

    I bought the whole pearl set. But no instructions on how to use it? Why are there no instructions on this product? I have been waiting since I have purchased this over a month ago for a response. Please sent me some instructions or my money back. Waiting for your response. Tina S.

    • 36
      Lionesse Gem

      Hi Tina,

      Instructions are written on the boxes of every product. You can also click here for how to use instructions for the Lionesse White Pearl Collection.

      Thank you

  12. 37
    Jean Bowman

    Wednesday my sister and I purchased White Pearl Facelift filler and Amber eye Serum. Was told Facelift filler can only be used once a week and Amber eye serum the same. At least that’s the way we understood it. Please advise as to how often we can use both. Thank you.

    • 38
      Lionesse Gem

      Hi Jean

      Apply the White Pearl Facelift Filler once per week. The product can be applied day or night, depending on your preference, but it is not recommended to apply makeup over the product, and the product should not be rinsed off.

      Use the Amber Eye Serum twice daily on freshly cleansed skin. For best results, follow with Amber Dark Circle Eye Cream or Amber Eye Cream.

      If you have any additional questions, call our customer service line at (877)554-1777 for further assistance.

      Thank you

  13. 39

    I am confused, like Kristy, above # 17, about the long-term benefit of the White Pearl Facelift Filler. My salesperson told me it would help the area look better & better over time. But, it does seem more to me like it is to be used for instant results (and it SURE did do that!) So, does it really help the skin area improve over time? If not, then I would like to save expense by just using it when I want to look good for a special event, etc. Thank you 🙂 Sandy

    • 40
      Lionesse Gem

      Hi Sandy,

      The White Pearl Facelift Filler has been designed to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Long-lasting results are certainly possible with regular use.

      Thank you

    • 42
      Lionesse Gem

      Hi Justin

      We recommend using the White Pearl Facelift Filler once per week or before special occasions. Many of our customers have reported long-lasting results from regular use of the Facelift Filler.

      Thank you

    • 44
      Lionesse Gem

      Hi Jacqueline,

      Thank you for your interest in Lionesse locations. We have several authorized third-party vendors in the nearby area:

      Tresor Rare store
      263 forest avenue Laguna beach, California 98614

      cart inside the Del Amo Fashion center and Gold Elements store
      3525 W Carson St, Torrance, CA 90503

      Une Beauty store
      218 Marine Ave Newport Beach, CA 92662

      Cart at Manhattan Village
      3200 N Sepulveda Blvd, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

      If you need further assistance, please call our customer service department at (877) 554-1777.

      Thank you

  14. 45

    I just purchased the White Pearl Facelift filler in December and when the salesperson put it on my face I seen instant results so of course I bought it.
    Now I have been using it for a month, once a week and have not seen any difference on my wrinkles. Could I have received a bad tube or maybe the product the salesperson uses is a stronger blend?

    • 46
      Lionesse Gem

      Hi Kim,

      Thank you for your recent purchase. Please keep in mind results may take up 8-10 weeks. Some areas require more or less product than others. Apply a small bead of product at a time and layer as needed. The product is designed for use directly on fine lines and wrinkles and can used on the face, neck & décolletage.

      Thank you

  15. 47
    Marty Klinzman

    Hi, I purchases several Lionesse products in New Orleans. However, I live in Johannesburg, South Africa. Where can I obtain your products in South Africa.

    • 48
      Lionesse Gem

      Hi Marty,

      We do not have a store in South Africa yet. Here is a link to our ecommerce website should you wish to order for your favorite Lionesse products online.

      Thank you

  16. 49
    carol racine

    how to use the lioness eye syringe. I was told to use only 1 day per week. what happens to product when you clean you face and lashes/

    • 50
      Lionesse Gem

      Hi Carol,

      To use the Lionesse White Pearl Facelift Filler, gently press the syringe to dispense product onto cleansed skin. Apply directly onto your wrinkles, and areas of concern. Remove any excess product with a cotton swab. We recommend using the product once per week, or before special occasions. The syringe should be used as the last product in your skin care routine. Do not rinse off or apply makeup over the areas where the syringe is applied. Although the immediate effects diminish upon removal, long-lasting results are possible with continued use as often as once per week. For further assistance, please contact our customer service department at (877) 554-1777.

      Thank you

  17. 51

    Am very happy with my product. Use the amber eye products daily and love the look and feel. Use the white pearl weekly and can definatly see and feel the difference. Big thank you to Shmual 2 for his help.

    • 53

      Hi Simon,

      The White Pearl Facial Filler was designed for use on special occasions. It can be applied as often as once per week.

      Thank you,

  18. 54
    Carol raymonds

    I recently purchased the pearl filler and the amber eye serum at a local home show in Milwaukee. I have yet to see duplicated results as demo’d by your salesperson. I was sold these two products for help with under eye bags and darkness. Both literally disappeared at the show. Please verify specific usage instructions and times per week. I was told to use filler first then amber serum on a clean face before bed.
    Thank you

    • 55

      Hi Carol,

      We do not recommend applying any other cosmetic product on top of the White Pearl Facial Filler. Instead, we would advise using the Amber Eye Serum on clean skin the morning. Then use the White Pearl Facial Filler on clean skin at night.

      Thank you,

  19. 56
    Shayoni Das

    I came to know about lionesse while sighseeing in miami, FL. I did not buy the product at the time but it was something that instantly reduced eye bags, The sales person demonstrated it on my mom’s face and I clearly remember the puffiness vanish after sometime. I want to use the same product but I am not sure which one it was. I need it for under eye bags.

    Please advise

    • 57

      Hi Shayoni,

      You may be referring to the White Pearl Facial Filler. If you have any further questions, please contact our customer service department at (877) 554-1777.

      Thank you,

  20. 58
    danielle guttman klein

    hi – I purchased for around my eyes. Can I use it on lips too? I was told that I need another product called face lift in a bottle – are these products related

    • 59

      Hi Danielle,

      Thank you for your question. Which product are you referring to? I’ll need to know before offering recommendations.

      Thank you,

    • 61

      Hi Shann,

      Applying makeup on top of the filler can interfere with its tightening effect. We recommend applying the filler on days you don’t apply makeup or as a part of your evening skin care routine.

      Thank you,

  21. 62

    I am really very good impressed; moisturizing, not oily, good to be mixed with my foundation – so I can create a personalised bb or cc cream according to my needs.

    • 64

      Hi Elisabeth,

      Unfortunately, there are no Lionesse sellers in Missouri at this time. For further assistance, please contact our customer service department at (877) 554-1777.

  22. 65
    Jeanette Rogerson

    I have a full range of your products, please be kind enough to send me a list of instructions, and which order to use them.
    Thank you

    • 66

      Hi Jeanette,

      Which collection are you referring to? We would be able to help you better if we knew the collection you’re referring to.

      You can view the list of ingredients and product directions by clicking on each of our products here.

      The ingredients list is under the “Ingredients” tab. ​​The instructions are under the “How to Use” tab.

      ​Thank you,

  23. 67

    The rep at the store told me that I should use the White Pearl Facelift Filler once a week, as the results would last that long.
    It hasn’t, at all.
    She also said I should use it at night, as that’s when my face is the most relaxed, but I find I see no difference by morning if I do so.
    In addition, she also said I HAD to use it with the Amber Eye Cream.
    When should I use this? If I use it in the morning, should I do so before or after I put on makeup? If I’m doing so before I put on makeup, how long should I wait between applying it and putting on my foundation?
    One final thing: I’ve also noticed that under my left eye–which is the eye that has the deeper hollow but is also the eye which the rep wouldn’t use the product as a test–little difference is noticed. Should I be adding more or will I eventually notice a difference?

  24. 68
    Rita Colon

    I have used Black Onyx Mask twice. Each time the product would not wash off with warm water. instead it formed clumps and stuck to my facial hair. Please help. I believe I received a defective jar.

    • 69

      Hello Rita,
      We would like to offer you assistance from our Customer Service Team.
      Please contact directly (877)347-0107 Mon-Thur 9 am to 5 pm PST or Friday am to 3 pm.
      Thank You

    • 71

      Hi Esther,

      The White Pearl Facelift Filler has been discontinued now, but you’ll be able to achieve similar or better results with the Amber New Age Syringe. It’s available for purchase on our online store.

      Thank you,

  25. 72

    I have been given the facelift filler and have been using it under my eyes like plexus ern and love it , it’s 100x’s better than plexiderm and it lasts all day . The funny thing is I don’t believe I’m using it correctly but I’m happy.

  26. 73

    I bought the Amber New Age Syringe and was under the impression from the rep to use it every night, but should it be once a week instead?

  27. 76

    i really wanna purchase the new age syringe after trying a sample from the mall. but its too pricy… i hope you guys do a sale or discounts.

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