Dangers of Indoor Tanning

Published: June 1, 2016

We all want that gorgeous, natural glowy tan but can’t always get it from sitting outside in the sun.  Which is why we naturally think indoor tanning beds are a great alternative.  Unfortunately, there’s been a huge influx in information that has come out sharing the dangers of indoor tanning, especially for teens.  So to help educate you on why you need to steer clear of indoor tanning we’re laying out all the facts.

The Cancer Link
There’s been a major link between the exposure to ultraviolet rays and skin cancer.  Many experts have said a lot of the problem comes from those who tan indoors, often tan very often.  Which increases their risk of being exposed to these ultraviolet rays.

The Need to Be Dark
There’s massive popularity among teen girls and the desire to be tan, very tan.  Because of this many young girls have shared that they go every day, or even up to two times per day.  The consistent need and desire to be dark leads girls to overdo it when it comes to tanning, again increasing the risks associated with indoor tanning.

Relationship Between Confidence and Tan
Many teen girls that have been interviewed on indoor tanning have said they feel being tan gives them confidence, even making them feel like they look/ feel thinner.  Like anything, it can be dangerous when we associate outside sources as a confidence booster, especially at such a young age.

States are Stepping In
Because of the massive rise in information that has come out in the relationship between cancer and indoor tanning many states are stepping in to ban indoor tanning, at least to those under 18 years old.  Many states have said because of the evidence they feel it’s necessary to protect teens from being exposed to the dangers at such an early age.

While there are many severe dangers in indoor tanning, if you still want to get a gorgeous healthy tan look the good news is there are a ton of other options now.  With products like at home self-tanning lotions/sprays, and spray tanning becoming more and more popular it’s giving us all a healthier way to have our tan without the major risks associated.  If you’ve been using indoor tanning methods to get your glow on, it’s definitely worth looking into some other healthier options for you and your skin.  Try experimenting with different self-tanning lotions, there are so many different formulations on the market now you can really have your pick among hundreds.  Additionally, it’s worth doing some research on local spray-tan salons in your area – compare prices, reviews, etc.  The great thing is the technology of spray tanning has come a long way and you’re really able to get a gorgeous natural glow from almost any spray tan salon now.

Now that you know some of the major dangers associated with indoor tanning, will you be switching to some of the safer alternatives?

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