Definition of Beauty Rebel

Published: June 30, 2015

Beauty rebels are those girls that go their own way in terms of beauty and fashion. Their style is based on things they personally like, and combined together, to create their own unique look. Some of them are trendsetters, others are just following the lead and taking ideas from trends they love. Today, Lionesse would like to discuss some ways to identify a beauty rebel, and help you understand just what exactly a beauty rebel really is.

Woman with a punk hairstyle sitting on a chair.

What Beauty Rebels Do
Beauty Rebels are generally those with personality types that just don’t care about what others think of them. They tend to start their own beauty, hair, and fashion trends. They take styles from various eras and mix them up a bit. It’s been said that they even go against the grain, never follow current trends, and don’t care if they look mismatched or out of place. In essence, they do what they want, wear what they want, and rock it however they want – and that suits them just fine.

Some Famous Beauty Rebels
Some of the most infamous beauty rebels we can name off would be:

  • MadonnaMadonna created a style all her own, with her makeup, hair, and fashion. We have taken and implemented many of Madonna’s characteristic traits from her wardrobe and style and have incorporated them into modern beauty throughout the years.
  • Christina Aguilera – This singer/songwriter and judge on ‘The Voice’ has brought many different beauty rebel styles to the forefront. She has created many ‘out there’ hairstyles, opting for two-toned hairstyles, two toned dual braids, makeup from different eras, clothing styles from retro eras mixed with modern clothing, and more.
  • Debbie Harry – Debbie Harry was best known as ‘Blondie’ and was a successful singer in the 80’s. Her style was pretty much her own, much like Joan Jett, or Pat Benatar, and was always wild and new age. She wore crazy, wild hairstyles, makeup and clothing – and didn’t care what the world thought.

These women brought their own air of style, flair and above all attitude to the music scene. They never backed down from being their true selves, no matter what the media or the fans may have said. They stuck to their guns and still do until this very day. Being a beauty rebel is a way of life, am attitude, something of a code that these women live by. Their motto seems to be, “do what I want, wear what I want, be who I want – and whoever doesn’t like it, too bad for them.”

Woman with punk hairstyle.

Here are some ways in which you too can be a beauty rebel.

  • Develop your own style. Find a style you love, and be creative. Wear what you want, pair it with whatever you want, and who cares who likes it?
  • Have attitude. It’s never a good thing to have a bad attitude, but a little sass goes a long way.
  • Be yourself. Above all – this is the most important rule to being a beauty rebel – you must always be yourself.
  • Be wild. Go a little crazy with your hair and makeup if you want to – nobody’s stopping you!

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