Don’t Forget These Monthly Skin Care Treatments

Published: July 7, 2017

Taking care of your skin is a daily thing. Of course, we don’t need to tell you that, do we? By now you’re in the habit of going through an individualized morning and evening skin care routine that’s suited to your skin’s needs. While taking care of your skin daily is absolutely essential to maintaining your skin’s health and achieving that glowing skin, don’t forget about these monthly skin care treatments. What are those monthly skin care treatments? Ok, ok we’ll get into it! These skin care treatments should be done on a monthly basis to really keep your skin in check and give it that boost it’s not always able to get from your daily routine.

Deep Conditioning
Did you think we were just going to talk about doing face masks? Those are important, but your scalp is skin and it needs some attention every month too! Using a deep conditioning treatment in your hair, and really massaging it into your scalp is something that most of us don’t focus on enough. It’s easy to forget that our scalp is skin, just like the rest of our bodies, and needs to be taken care of accordingly. In fact, our hair’s health and appearance really depend on having a healthy scalp. Start making it a point to apply a deep conditioning treatment to your hair and scalp once a month to give your scalp the care it’s craving.

Woman getting a manicure treatment at salon

Mani and Pedi
Ok, so getting a mani and pedi once a month probably doesn’t sound like a difficult task-who doesn’t want to make time to head into the salon to get some pampering? Getting your mani and pedi monthly isn’t just great for relaxing and to get gorgeous nails, though. These treatments work wonders on caring for the skin on your hands and feet. Our hands and feet tend to get the most abuse in our daily lives because we use our hands all day, and well we walk on our feet all day. Besides all that, it’s rare that many of us spend enough time really giving the skin in these areas the necessary care. Making it a point to head to the salon or spa to get a mani and pedi every month will help to give these areas the care and treatment they need and prevent them from getting out of hand (as many tend to).

It’s definitely easy (and common) to let your eyebrows go a little too long without getting reshaped. Generally, it’s best to get them reshaped and cleaned up once a month. We know life happens and time gets away from you, but making it a habit of getting this treatment done every month will keep you from tweezing stray hairs yourself and causing skin irritation. This is definitely something you should leave to the experts. We suggest making a standing appointment with your trusted eyebrow professional. This way it’s set and you don’t have to worry or think about scheduling month after month.

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