Don’t Miss These Spots

Published: July 21, 2017

The sun is at it’s most intense this time of year. Of course, we don’t need to tell you that it’s pretty hot outside almost every day during the summer season. Hopefully you’ve already gotten into the habit of applying sunscreen to your skin on a daily basis. Applying SPF daily has been found to act as an incredible asset later on in life, when you want to prolong the aging process. In addition to wrinkles and fine lines the sun can do a lot of damage to our skin which is why it’s so important to take your sunscreen application seriously. Applying your sunscreen is the first step, but you may be missing some crucial spots on your body that need protection. To be sure that you’re fully protected we want to ensure that you don’t miss these spots…

Your Lips
Do you often think about protecting your lips from the sun? Chances are you haven’t been. Look, we’re not judging or here to make you feel bad. We find that the lip area is one of the most forgotten areas of skin for people when it comes to protecting it from the sun. So often we think about our face, arms, etc. but forget that our lips are made of skin as well. The skin on your lips is a bit different than the rest of your skin, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t need protection! If you’ve even noticed that your lips feel very dry after you’ve spent a lot of time outdoors it’s a sign they weren’t well protected. Now that you know this is a crucial area to protect, don’t miss applying SPF protection to your lip area before heading out for the day. There are quite a few SPF lip balm products available that make it super easy.

Your Ears
When was the last time you applied sunscreen to your ears? Most of us know someone who’s gotten sunburn on their ears pretty bad, yet we tend to still forget about applying sunscreen to our ears. Since our ears are such a small area of our bodies, it’s easy to see why we often forget about them. But if you wear your hair back while outside, or if you have short hair, they’re exposed to the sun much more than you likely realize. It’s important to get into the routine of applying a small amount of sunscreen to your ears so they’re just as protected as the rest of your skin.

Your Feet
So often when we think of our feet, we don’t relate it to an area that needs to have sunscreen applied to it. Since our feet are exposed to the sun much more this time of year than any other time, it’s crucial that you’re getting into the habit of applying sunscreen to your feet. Just because we stand on our feet and they take on a lot more stress than the rest of our skin/body parts do doesn’t mean they’re less likely to obtain sun damage!

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