Do’s and Don’ts For Rosacea Sufferers

Published: April 7, 2017

Do you suffer from rosacea? The consistent redness that appears on your skin when you’re a rosacea sufferer can be frustrating and leave you feeling a bit stumped as to what to do or not do to prevent those outbreaks from happening as often. Fortunately, if you are someone who suffers from rosacea you’re not alone. Why is that fortunate? Many experts in the skin care world have done a lot of research and discoveries related to this particular skin issue because it is so common. If you’re in a place of confusion with rosacea you’re in the right place because we’ve discovered some of the most common do’s and don’ts for rosacea sufferers to help you out.

The Do’s
Let’s start off with the things you should do if you have rosacea, shall we? Experts continue to find that food is often one of the biggest triggers for rosacea outbreaks. Naturally, one of the biggest do’s for rosacea is to have a clear understanding of what types of foods trigger your outbreaks. Which brings us into another “do” being that you need to understand that everyone’s rosacea is different, so it’s crucial that you pay attention to when you have outbreaks and really start to put together any types of foods that tend to cause those for your case.

While figuring out what types of foods may cause you to have rosacea outbreaks is crucial, another do for dealing with rosacea is to make sure that you’re treating your skin sensitively. Experts stress the importance of making sure that the products you’re using on your skin are specifically formulated to work with sensitive skin. Since rosacea is a form of skin sensitivity, this is extremely important to make sure that you’re using skin care products that are going to best suit your skin’s sensitivity. Of course, one of the most important “do’s” for rosacea is to make sure you’ve been diagnosed by a dermatologist–not just self-diagnosed!

The Don’ts
Ok, so you’ve got some of the basic do’s down now we need to go over some of the crucial don’ts to understand when you have rosacea. One of the most important things you shouldn’t do when you have rosacea is to use any type of skin care product or treatment that causes friction or is a strong exfoliant. Using skin care treatments like microdermabrasion or cleansing brushes consistently can cause your already sensitive skin to become even more sensitive and likely cause an outbreak to occur. Another don’t for rosacea is not using hot water or steam in showers, washing your face and anything else water related. Hot water and hot steam can cause your skin to be stripped of its natural oils, leaving it sensitive (well, more sensitive) so it’s best to turn the temperature down to keep your skin from having an outbreak.

Finally, we just want to reiterate the importance of NOT self-diagnosing rosacea. It’s a specific skin sensitivity that’s important to have a clear understanding on. If you think you may have rosacea be sure to book an appointment with your trusted skin care professional.

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