Dry Climate and Wrinkles

Published: July 20, 2016

Let’s face it, no one wants wrinkles.  Thanks to the rise in knowledge and information, experts have found a large link between our skin and the environment.   While it may not necessarily be the information we WANT, knowledge is power – right?  Recently, quite a bit of information has come out on the link between dry climates and wrinkles.  Before you panic (especially if you live in a dry climate), we’re going to share what we’ve learned and how you can help prevent the wrinkles from coming through as much as possible.

Dry = Loss of Moisture 
We’re always hearing about the importance of keeping our skin hydrated, hence why skin experts are always telling us to moisturize as often as possible.  A lot of the reason behind the hydration and moisturizing is because when our skin isn’t well hydrated or moisturized it tends to look older and wrinkles appear much sooner.  Unfortunately, this means that dry climates are obviously affecting our skin because it’s…dry.  Since we want moisture and hydration to avoid wrinkles, living in a dry environment can combat some of that.  If you live in, or have visited, a dry climate you probably noticed your skin looked and felt drier than in other climates.   Experts said that this is because the dry climate kind of sucks the moisture right out of your skin, making it much more difficult to keep the moisture locked in.

What Can You Do
Ok, so you can’t exactly change the climate (unless you have some sort of super powers we don’t know about and in that case, what are you waiting for use them!) but experts have found some great ways that can help you keep your skin looking youthful regardless of the climate.  Since we know the dry climate is taking a lot of the moisture out of your skin, we need to add more moisture and hydration.  Most suggest that one of the most beneficial ways of doing this is by drinking a TON of water and really keeping hydrated/moisturized from the inside.  In addition, cutting back on caffeine and alcohol are going to be helpful since those tend to cause your moisture to be lowered as well.  In addition to really ramping up your water intake, using skincare products that are filled with really great moisturizing elements is another major help.  Look for products that include things like vitamin A and E – both have been found to help with anti-aging properties and give the skin great moisture elements.  So you’re going to need to make sure you’re using skincare products that are made to really help create that additional moisture you need to replace and lock in.  Finally, make it a point to use moisturizing products multiple times per day.  Experts suggest no less than twice a day, but if you have really dry skin you may want to add more.  Keeping it as moisturized as possible will help really well with avoiding wrinkles.

Do you live in a dry climate?  What do you find helps your skin and anti-aging?

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