Elizabeth Taylor’s Wide Eyes

Published: February 17, 2016

For all of time, Elizabeth Taylor will be remembered as one of the most beautiful women to ever live, in the entire world. Her skin, her shape, her demeanor and those violet eyes that were wide-set with ultra thick black lashes that feathered out around her eyes all formed the package making Liz the stellar beauty she was. Her passionate performances on stage and screen were always somehow second to those glamorous eyes of hers. And then also, her particular fondness for very expensive jewelry could not be ignored either.

Elizabeth Taylor
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The Special Beauty Within Wide Apart Eyes
Women with wide apart or wide set eyes tend to look more youthful and more honest and open-hearted, more trusting. They are seen as an asset and highly attractive to men. If your eyes are wide like Liz’s, celebrate this naturally given asset and learn how to use makeup to flatter it. If you’re not sure whether or not your eyes are wide set, the way to tell is to take a look into the mirror. In looking at your eyes, take note of the space that exists between your two eyes. When that space between the inner corner of one eye to the other eye’s inner corner is wider than an eye’s width, then you can say your eyes are wide set.

That Rare Color Was Her Color–and Couldn’t be Purchased, Way Back Then
While Dick was Elizabeth Taylor’s once in a lifetime true love, her beauty managed to lure men like no other, and her particularly alluring violet color of eyes could not be purchased during those days. While women these days can embellish their eyes–pupils, retinas and whites with a vast menagerie of colors and effects simply by wearing specially colored contact lenses, the women of LIz’s era were not so lucky. And there’s one sure thing–Elizabeth Taylor would have never, ever brandished those cat-eye contact lenses. Now, Liz could rock the whole eyeliner cats eye thing, and it managed to do her eyes up in even more lavishly artistic flair–but she would have stopped, with that. And, by the way, the first time that lenses were made specifically to add color and effects wasn’t until 1983. So, Elizabeth Taylor’s eye color was authentic.

Liz’s Talent for Eye-Enhancing Color Application
Liz, or her makeup artist or a combo of both, obviously understood how eye shadow color and placement could play on her seductive eye width and mesmerizing retinal color. Liz, as witnessed in her many photographs in a myriad of scenarios was frequently seen with eye shadow ranging in the blues and violets of the color scale. Then, at times, the world would observe her drastic contrast of applying brown shadow that worked unique wonders for her violet.

Jessica Alba
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Qualities to be Determined from Ancient Wisdom
Uma Thurman, Jessica Alba and Kate Moss are among the most celebrated women with wide eyes. The ancient Chinese culture taught that wide-eyed women possessed an innate ability to see the bigger picture of any situation, rather than minutia. These people tend to make the best leaders and project managers. When talking to them, try to avoid sharing too many details, and cut directly to the chase. They’ll understand better and more rapidly.

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