Everyday Mistakes That Leave Your Lips Dry and Cracked

Published: March 17, 2017

It’s that time of year… where so many of us are feeling some extra discomfort with our lips. You know the feeling, those dry and cracked lips that seem impossible to get rid of. The thing about that struggle is there are everyday mistakes that leave your lips dry and cracked. Yep, everyday mistakes that you may be making that could be causing that discomfort to result for those lips of yours. Since they are everyday mistakes, it’s likely you don’t even know what those mistakes are. You know we’re always here to keep you informed so we’re sharing what these mistakes are to help you get the luscious lips you want.

Not Moisturizing Your Lips
We all know that moisturizing our skin is a crucial part of our skin care routine, our skin needs moisture. But the thing is… many of us tend to forget that our lips are skin too – so they need moisture, too! If you tend to leave the house and not apply a lip moisturizing product you’re going to want to kick that everyday mistake to the side. We get it, there’s a lot that can go into keeping your skin glowing and healthy – but when you don’t make it a habit of applying moisturizer to your lips you end up with dry and cracked lips. Make sure to carry a lip moisturizer with you everywhere you go to make it easy to add moisture throughout your day.

Woman licking lips

Licking Your Lips Too Much
Do you have a habit of licking your lips? Look, we get it…it’s one of those habits that you probably don’t even realize you do all that often because it’s that much of a habit. But it’s an everyday mistake that’s definitely known to cause dry and cracked lips. We tend to continue licking our lips because saliva from licking our lips actually causes our lips to feel even drier – see why it’s such an easy habit to fall into? We know this is a hard one, but if you really want to prevent your lips from becoming dry and cracked often you’re going to need to be more aware of how often you’re licking your lips and try to prevent it as much as possible.

Skipping SPF
Think that SPF just needs to be applied to your skin, neck and body? Have you been skipping applying SPF to your lips? It’s a common everyday mistake that so many people make. Similar to the moisturizing step, we often think about the rest of our skin but forget our lips need the same type of care. The skin on our lips is pretty sensitive and needs to be protected from the sun just like the rest of our skin. To prevent dry and cracked lips from forming over and over again, make sure that you’re applying a product that contains SPF in it to keep your lips well protected throughout the day.

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