Exfoliation Habits to Break Now

Published: July 9, 2017

We’ve told you plenty of times how important exfoliating is for your skin. If you haven’t heard it from us, we’re willing to bet you’ve heard it from someone else. Even though it may seem like everyone is talking about exfoliating and how great it is for your skin, it’s with good reason! Exfoliating really can make a huge difference in your skin’s overall health, and help to give you that JLo glow you admire. However, even though exfoliating your skin is an essential step in any solid skin care routine there are some things that can do damage to your skin during the exfoliating process. These are some of the exfoliation habits to break now:

Over-Doing It With Products
Being told that exfoliating the skin is such a transformational step in any skin care routine, many people tend to take that information and run with it by using as many different types of exfoliating products as they can get their hands on. While we’re all about experimenting and trying different products, using too many different types of exfoliating products at the same time can cause a lot of irritation on your skin. Streamlining the amount of exfoliating products you’re actually using helps to give your skin the benefits of exfoliating without causing any adverse side effects of using too many products at a time. Stick to one at a time to allow your skin to really soak in all the benefits of one product at time.

woman using cotton pad

Using Harsh Products
We’ve heard some rumors floating around about exfoliating products with people mentioning that you should feel a stinging like sensation in your skin when using an exfoliating product. The truth is you should NOT feel that type of sensation when using an exfoliating product. Exfoliating does help to remove a lot of ‘stuff’ from the surface of your skin, but it still needs to be gentle on your skin. If you feel a sensation that’s similar to itching, stinging or burning stop using those exfoliating products as soon as possible. Using products that cause those types of sensations for an extended period of time can cause your skin to become overly sensitive in general, and do more harm than good.

Exfoliating Too Often
We talked about using too many products, and just like you shouldn’t be using too many exfoliating products at a time you shouldn’t be exfoliating your skin on a daily basis. There are a lot of incredible benefits to exfoliating the skin consistently to really keep the surface of your skin clean and healthy, but it’s possible to do that too often. Experts suggest that you shouldn’t need to exfoliate your skin more than 2-3 times per week. Sticking to a schedule of exfoliating the skin at the recommended amount helps to give you the benefits, without causing irritation to the skin. Exfoliating too often can lead to a lot of irritation and problems to the skin because it’s not something that should be done that often.

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