Fading Post-Breakout Marks

Published: July 27, 2016

Breakouts themselves are bad enough, but when you have the post-breakout marks left over you’ve just reach your limit on frustration levels.  It seems like it takes forever for the actual breakout and mark to completely fade away, no matter what you do or how much you wish it away.  The most important thing to keep in mind when it comes to healing your skin from breakouts is to avoid picking and over cleansing your skin.  We all have a tendency of wanting to wash our face even more than normal when we have breakouts in hopes that it will help, but the truth is it can have reverse effects.  We did a little research and found some healthy ways to help with the fading of post-breakout marks for you to try.

Don’t Skip the Sunscreen
It’s natural that many of us want to step out into the sun to try to even out our skin tone and  may help with breakouts, however, many experts have found that to give reverse negative results as well.  While you may be tempted in the summer to try to let the sun take care of your breakouts, resist the temptation and amp up your sunscreen application during this time.  If your skin tans, the tan can actually cause the breakout marks to be even more visible and instead of fading get darker.

Vitamin C
Applying products that list vitamin C as a major ingredient can be another great way to help with the fading.  Vitamin C is known to promote healing in the skin, as well as increase collagen production.  Both of these factors are great for healing the skin in this type of situation, and really encouraging the skin to heal more naturally.  There are a lot of different skin care products out now that include vitamin c as a major ingredient because of its incredible benefits.

Woman getting an exfoliation treatment

Exfoliating is an incredibly important step to have in your skin care routine regularly, but it’s been found to be even more beneficial when you’re trying to fade breakout marks.  The reason being is exfoliation helps to eliminate dead skin cells and really renew the surface of the skin – basically, it does exactly what you need to do when you’re trying to eliminate something from the surface of your skin.  While you’re looking to eliminate something from the surface of your skin make sure you’re still being gentle while exfoliating.

Skin Lighteners
So you’re trying to fade a breakout mark, which means you want to lighten the skin in a particular area.  Luckily, there is a lot of amazing skin care products designed to help lighten the skin – bingo!  Again, many of the great lightening products have vitamin c as an ingredient for its benefits.  You will want to be sure you’re using a skin lightening product of high quality and safe ingredients.

It is important to remember and consider having patience when it comes to waiting for breakouts and breakout marks to heal and fade. Have you found something that works well with fading post-breakout marks?

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