Five Reasons To Seek A Second Opinion

Published: August 7, 2017

Unfortunately, skin cancer has grown significantly in our world. It’s much more common than ever before and the reality of skin cancer has faced many individuals in the past few decades. While we try to keep things fun, we do feel it’s our need to keep you informed on the not-so-beautiful side of the beauty industry. Because skin cancer is so much more common, we’ve gathered up five reasons to seek a second opinion if you’ve been diagnosed with skin cancer. This is definitely an area of your health, in which seeking additional opinions can be transformational to your treatment.

Biopsies Can Be Interpreted Differently
Because biopsies are something that is read and interpreted by a human being, there’s a lot of room for different interpretations. This isn’t to say that one is better than the other, but it’s even more of a reason as to why you should want to seek a second opinion before moving forward with anything.

Different Stages Leave Room For Differences
As we mentioned above, different people can interpret biopsy results differently. Because skin cancer is grouped into different stages, giving explanation to the severity of the disease, it’s all the more reason to seek a second opinion. Based on research that’s been done in the past, it’s suggested that a number of results are given a result that’s too high and/or too low.

There Are Extremes 
It’s no secret that there are a lot of different extremes when dealing with skin cancer. People can catch skin cancer very early and not have to be faced with a lot of treatment, while others can be on the completely opposite end of the spectrum. Anytime we’re dealing with extreme cases, seeking a second opinion can help to ensure that your diagnosis was correct on the extreme level (if it is given an extreme diagnosis).

There’s A Lot of Gray Area
In addition to there being a lot of extreme cases in skin cancer, there are also a lot of in between cases that doctors are faced with diagnosing. It’s said that a lot of those in between places are where there’s a lot of gray area in diagnosis. That being said, seeking a second opinion can help you determine whether or not your in between case should be treated in one way or another.

It’s Just Smart To Do
We’ve given you some good evidence to prove that it’s worth seeking a second opinion if you’ve been diagnosed with skin cancer. In addition to everything we’ve mentioned above, we’ve found in our research that many experts in this field and anything health related all strongly suggest patients ask for a second opinion. It’s important to realize that there’s nothing wrong with getting a second opinion, this doesn’t mean that you’re doubting your original diagnosis. But going to another expert in the field an comparing the diagnosis that you receive can shed a lot of light on your treatment options and help you to feel more confident in how you go about it.

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