Gem Stones

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Pearls, diamonds, gold sapphires, black onyx and amber – all of these gems are known to boast of an attractive and seductive charm. Gem lore has existed all over the world since ages. Every culture and every civilization through time has had its own specific beliefs about certain gemstones and each of these beliefs are usually bound to the history, geography and culture of the region. For thousands of years, precious stones have been known to play an integral part in health and beauty in cultures all over the world. Even after countless scientific discoveries and a great deal of technological progress, these natural wonders continue to hold a special place in the skin care industry. Today, it is possible to find creams and lotions that contain crushed or powdered gems and spas that offer unique gem based therapies.

Gemstones are not used in the beauty and skin care industry only because of their exotic nature and pleasing looks. Gemstones are known to influence the human body in more ways than one. Apart from being visually pleasing and mentally satisfying, gemstones are also known to work wonders for various aspects of beauty and skin care as well. One of the biggest advantages that gemstones offer is their natural energy. This effectively means that a gem has the power to be able to radiate a unique glow and generate a balanced energy. Gemstones are successful in helping out with things like healthy circulation systems, skin renewal and allowing the user to generate younger looking skin.

By combining these rare jewels with a range of vitamins and other beneficial ingredients, Lionesse Gem is able to offer you with the perfect ingredients that sovle a variety of skin care problems and revitalize your skin.[/vc_column_text][/vc_tab][vc_tab title=”Amber” tab_id=”1388482710-2-18″ title_icon=”none”][vc_column_text]lionesse-gem-stones-amberAlthough the name Amber originates from Arabic, it is thought to be also influenced by Spanish. The word originally referred to ambergris, a rare and popular ingredient historically used in cosmetics and medicine. On the other hand, amber is actually a hardened pine resin that gains a golden color and solidifies into a gemstone. Amber has been a popular medium for skin care, beauty and medicine for centuries. It has been accorded with countless nicknames such as “gift of the sun” and “tears of the sea” over the years and it has also been listed as one of the birth stones for the sun sign, Tauras. Amber’s pine tree origins can be easily recognized the moment you rub it or put it on fire because it will emit a finey scent.

No two pieces of amber are the same. Each piece is as unique as the human fingerprint. Most forms of amber are the usual honey color, but you can also find orange, gray, white and light red colored amber stones. Amber is made when a sticky resin oozes out of a pine tree or legume tree, under the correct conditions, over a long period of time the resin hardens into amber. Often trapped insects, plant materials and other small objects become caught in the resin and eventually become fozzilized in the amber.

As an ancient gemstone, the history of amber is known to date back to almost 50 million years ago, when it was first discovered in the Baltic Sea region. Amber deposits that range between 360 and 1 million years ago, have also been found. This puts amber’s existence all the way back to the Pleistocene and Carboniferous geological periods.

Despite the fact that, Amber had no primitive use, it was still found at numerous Neolithic sites, places that were located far away from its sources in the Baltic Sea. It is believed that long distance trade routes, which were established well before the Bronze Age, carried the stone to different areas of the world. The most famous of these trade routes was The Amber Road, a trade route that extended all over Europe. This is the very route used to transport Amber to modern day Italy and Greece.

According to historians, Ancient Egyptian doctors were the first ones to use Amber in health care. It was also one of the elements used to embalm mummies. Greek doctors were known to use amber as a treatment for a number of medical conditions. Traces of Amber’s use can also be found in Ancient Rome. Amber was mostly used by the Romans in the form of protective amulets, they believed that it helped in guarding small babies and warding off evil spirits. A slave could be bought for a piece of amber. Calistratus, a famous doctor who lived in Ancient Rome, stated that when mixed with honey, amber helps to cure numerous eye, ear and throat related diseases.

The Turks have also been known to use amber for generations as the mouthpieces for their pipes. The Turks believed that amber was especially valuable as it was incapable of transmitting infection as the smokers passed the pipe from one mouth to the other. Amber was also known to strengthen the body and cure it of countless diseases in tsarist Russia and Lithuania before the 1st world war.

Today, Amber is extensively used in ornaments and jewelry. It has also found its way into countless skin care products, driven by the ancient beliefs of the wondrous skin care benefits that this beautiful gem has to offer. Preserve your beauty with skin care inspired by one of the world’s oldest gemstones. The Lionesse Gem Amber Collection offers you 3 products formulated with Amber to gently purify skin and reinvograte the eye area.[/vc_column_text][/vc_tab][vc_tab title=”Black Onyx” tab_id=”1388482749925-2-6″ title_icon=”none”][vc_column_text]lionesse-gem-stones-onyxThe name Onyx comes from the Greek word Onyx that refers to fingernails or claws. Greek mythology is full of fascinating tales that to this day, manage to interest and captivate the young and old alike. One such folklore is dedicated to the appearance of the Onyx gemstone on earth. According to ancient Greek folklore, the goddess of love, Venus was asleep when Cupid cut her fingernails and allowed these nails to scatter on the ground. According to mythology, since no part of a god could actually die, these finger nails transformed into a stone that was later known as the onyx.

Beliefs and folklores pertaining to the Black Onyx have varied from one country to another over time. It is known to calm ardors of love in India. The Middle East associates it with the ways of the sorcerers. Romans have always associated the gemstone with courage and believe that it is extremely useful for those defending themselves against injustice. According to ancient magic lore, Onyx was a manifestation of a demon who was imprisoned within the stone. The demon would awake at night in order to spread nightmares and terror of its existence among the people within its influence.

On the other hand, many cultures have signified Black Onyx with new beginnings and rejuvenation. It should not come as a surprise that the ancients began to use it in health and skin care. Some historical civilizations have used the gem to heal blood disorders, bones and teeth while others have also used it in healing skin diseases such as rashes and inflammations and infected wounds.

According to tales, Black Onyx helps a person to heal from emotional wounds, fill the wearer with the gift of eloquence while expressing his or her love, helped in increasing concentration levels and even helped in growing fingernails. No doubt that each of these benefits are associated with the folklores and tales of the respective countries. The Great Roman Civilization used onyx in its seals. Onyx was also used in cameo brooches throughout the ages.  Furthermore, Intaglio etchings were also made up from onyx.


The gemstone became extremely popular in the modern world, during the time of for Queen Victoria death. Its popularity has not diminished since then. Today, this unique gemstone is in great demand in the international circuit, both in terms of fashion and in terms of skin care. Jewelry and skin care products made from these fashionable gemstones have become a hot favorite around the world and the rich black color of the black onyx simply makes it stand out among all other gemstones. Your skin can stand out also for its glow and youthful radiance with the help of the Lionesse Gem Black Onyx Collection. Though they are not compromised of black magic, the 4 products of the Black Onyx Collection certainly contain ingredients full of wonder and benefits for skin.[/vc_column_text][/vc_tab][vc_tab title=”Diamonds” tab_id=”1388502571277-3-8″ title_icon=”none”][vc_column_text]lionesse-gem-stones-diamondsAll April girls can consider themselves extremely lucky to be born in a month that boasts of having one of the most prestigious birth stones – the diamond. There is vastly greater amount of information and knowledge available about diamonds compared to most other gemstones. Diamonds have always been associated with a symbol of eternal love and are commonly used in engagement rings and anniversary bands. It is also known to be one of the hardest substances on earth. However, despite its popularity and the vast knowledge surrounding it, the circumstances under which it was found remains to be somewhat unanswered even today.

The word diamond has different meanings according to different cultures. It is said to have originated from the Greek word “Adamas” that means “invincible”. While in Sanskrit diamond is called “Vajra” which means “lightning”. These pieces of invincible lighting were thought to be the tears of gods, which the gods used as lighting bolts according to Indian mythology. In ancient civilizations, diamonds were considered to be the gemstones of Venus, the Roman Goddess who represented fertility, beauty and love. Diamonds were also known to be used for healing during the Middle Ages. They were believed to be able to cure problems in the human brain and the pituitary glands. It was also believed that diamonds could help to draw out toxins from the body if one wore them and slept in them at night. These days many people think of diamonds as symbols of purity and perfection.

Irrespective of accuracy of ancient beliefs and traditions, today it is well known and documented fact that diamonds have been used in art and jewelry for over 3,000 years. In fact, diamond cutting dates back to the Venice of the 1,330s. However, trading in diamonds did not become popular until the Eastern trade routes opened up in the 15th century. One of the main reasons for the popularity of the gemstone in jewelry is the fact that, each of its commonly cut 58 facets, catch and refract light. This gives diamonds a wondrous sparkle, something that makes them unique. Diamonds are mined in numerous places across the world, including South Africa, Australia, India, Russia, Botswana, Namibia and Brazil. It is possible to purchase diamonds in all sorts of colors across the world. However, the colorless diamonds still remains not only the classic choice. The rarity of finding certain colored stones of high quality sometimes makes them more valuable. For example, high quality canary diamonds may fetch a higher part than their clear counterpart of the same quality.

Diamond is not just for those ladies who are lucky enough to be born in the month of April. They are also for anyone who is looking for something unique, something perfect. And they’re sure to please everyone. Recently, diamonds have found their way to transition from just ornaments to being ingredients in skin care products. Although no historical accounts of the use of diamond in skin care can be found, many consumers use skin care products that contain diamond powder in them. Some believe the benefits lie in the vibration that these jewels give off, while others believe that they offer amazing benefits for the skin through topical application.

Well, whether in jewelry or pendants or in skin care products, diamonds everywhere have always been well loved. Lionesse Gem introduces a new way to love diamonds – treat your skin to the luxury of diamonds with the Diamond Collection. The 4 products of this collection help you bring the smoothness and clarity of diamonds to your skin care routine.[/vc_column_text][/vc_tab][vc_tab title=”White Pearl” tab_id=”1388502595613-4-2″ title_icon=”none”][vc_column_text]lionesse-gem-stones-pearlPearls have the unique privilege of being known as the mother of all gemstones because they are the only gemstone that are created by living organisms. Pearls are generally created when irritants get trapped within a mollusc. Mollusks usually respond to these irritants by coating them with conchiolin and aragonite, which ultimately transforms into a pearl.

Pearls are known to have an incredible history. The actual time of their discovery is still not known, but they have definitely been around for centuries. Pearls are ranked amongst the oldest, as well as the most valuable, gemstones in the world and they have been treasured by many different cultures and civilizations throughout history. From financing the military campaign of General Vitellius of Rome to being used in ancient burials, from being a status symbol for the rich and famous to being used for jewelry and skin care, pearl has always managed to assert its importance throughout the history of mankind.

Pearls have been a favorite for countless cultures throughout the world. They symbolize a happy marriage and have often been associated with beauty, tears and love. Pearls have been dedicated to the Greek Goddess of Love – Aphrodite and have also been associated with the Roman Goddess of Love – Venus. Muslims have cherished pearls throughout the ages, as they believed these wondrous beauties to represent the tears of Adam and Eve as they repented for their sins. Pearls have always been symbolized to depict costliness, whiteness and purity as well. Perhaps, this is why the entrance to Heaven is said to be made up of “Pearly Gates”.

Pearls also found their way into skin care in certain historical civilizations. Empress Dowager Cixi, also known as the West Dowager Empress, was considered to be one of the most powerful rulers of China during the time of the Manchu Qing Dynasty. She ruled the lands from behind the scenes for almost 48 years. Cixi was known to have set up a special team to conduct and continue research on the skin care properties of powdered pearl. She was also believed to have maintained a strict regimen of tonic herbs and a spoon of powdered pearl as a beauty and skin care treatment. And considering that her face was believed to have a glowing sheen, the therapy seems to have actually worked.

Mentions of pearl’s benefits when it comes to the overall health of the facial skin can also be found in the famous Classical Chinese Materia Medica, the journal compiled by Doctor Li Shizhen, the greatest medical practitioner in the Ming Dynasty. Li Shizhen mentioned that the use of pearl in skin care helped to lubricate and smooth the skin as well as nourish the complexion.

According to reports, imported pearl powder was also used as a face powder in the 19th century. Today, pearl powder has once again found its way into the modern day skin care routine and one can find it in all sorts of skin care products and solutions. Lionesse Gem has created a collection inspired by the luminosity and lusture of pearls. Each of the products in the White Pearl Collection contain White Pearl in their formulation. Treat yourself like an empress and indulge in the White Pearl Collection.[/vc_column_text][/vc_tab][vc_tab title=”Golden Sapphire” tab_id=”1406853934972-5-0″ title_icon=”none”][vc_column_text]lionesse-gem-stones-golden-sapphirePopularly known as the celestial gemstone, Sapphire is one of those gemstones that has been cherished and treasured for centuries. Sapphire has always been regarded among one of the most famous and distinguished gemstones in history. It has consistently managed to make an appearance in all sorts of literature, historical references as well as emerging in religious texts and practices. Sapphire has been known to be one of the most famous gemstones for the rich and the famous and was a mainstay among royalty throughout history. In fact, the British Crown jewels boast ofbeing graced with one of the largest blue sapphires, something that was believed to mark the British royalty as wise and prudent rulers. Princess Dianna and Princess Anne have also received sapphires for their engagement rings.

According to historic texts, sapphires were used to purify the mind, relieve stress and help in clearing a person’s sight. It was also used to purify the body of its toxins in many cultures around the world. There was a time when sapphires were considered to be far more valuable than diamonds. Although not as valuable as diamonds these days, sapphires are still considered one of the most prized gemstones in the world.

Sapphires were famous for their remarkable hardness and were not only used in skin care and jewelry, but also for industrial purposes. The gemstone belongs to the corundum mineral family and it can be found in a vast range of colors. The colors of the sapphire are determined by the natural trace elements located in the region where the gemstone is found. These trace elements in turn help in determining the region where the stone was mined.

The history of the sapphire dates back to the 7th century BC and can be traced to Etruscan civilization. The use of this beautiful stone was carried on by the Greeks as well as the Romans. Very few gemstones have managed to capture the imaginations of almost all civilizations who came into contact with them, the way sapphires have over the decades. As a result, ancient cultures were full of tales, beliefs and folklore about the sapphire.

Ancient Persians believed that the earth was resting on a humongous sapphire and it was the reflection of this gemstone that gave the sky its bluish color. Priests and sorcerers honored and respected the sapphire more than any other gem as they believed it helped them to foresee the future and interpret oracles. Sapphire has symbolized tradition, honesty and sincerity in almost all cultures. It is also said that when Moses received the Ten Commandments, they were resting on tablets made from sapphires.

Certain cultures have also placed immense faith in the stone. If the luster of the gemstone dims, a partner comes to know that his or her spouse has been unfaithful. Similarly, other cultures believed that a sapphire would fail to shine if the wearer was impure or wicked by nature.

From Charlemagne to Helen of Troy to Catherine the Great, sapphires have always been associated with ladies who managed to transform history – either by their wits and courage or by their beauty. Now you can transform your skin with the Lionesse Gem Golden Sapphire Collection. Say goodbye to sensitive skin, bid adieu to irritated skin. Say hello to the calming and soothing properties of Golden Sapphire found in the 4 products that make up the Golden Sapphire Collection.[/vc_column_text][/vc_tab][/vc_tour][/vc_column][/vc_row]