Give Yourself a Hair-Cial

Published: May 7, 2015

When it comes down to it, we abuse our hair on a daily basis. We, as women, allow our hair to endure the damage of blow drying, flat ironing, product buildup, and the list goes on. Furthermore, we lead very busy lives – and often times, we don’t quite take good care of our hair. The bottom line is this: our hair deserves special treatment. That’s why today, Lionesse has put together this awesome little four step article on how you can give your hair a hair-cial. If you’re lost as to what that is, just consider it a facial for your hair.

Woman washing her hair in front of a mirror.

Remove Product Buildup by Clarifying
The abuse our hair endures over even one week’s time is immeasurable. All of the products we use on a day to day basis such as mousse, hair spray, texturizer, serums, gels, and dry shampoos can really wreak havoc on the scalp and its health. That’s why it’s so important for us to remove any and all traces of product build up every week – and it only needs to be completed once per week. Simply rinse your hair with apple cider vinegar before washing, and allow the vinegar to penetrate the scalp for about 2-3 minutes before indulging in your shampoo. You’ll be amazed how soft, silky, and clean your hair feels after this important initial step. Apple Cider Vinegar rinses should always be followed up by a clarifying shampoo. As an added tip: when washing the hair, massage the scalp from the top to the nape of the neck, allowing any leftover product buildup to be released – and getting a great massage in the process.

Woman applying a hair conditioner on her hair.

Condition the Right Way
When you’ve finished rinsing your hair with the apple cider vinegar and you’ve shampooed away all of the excess product buildup and residue, and have rinsed your hair thoroughly, the next step is to condition. Many women simply apply conditioner directly to the roots, working downward to the ends of the hair. This is usually detrimental to the hair’s appearance, as the product can build up on the scalp, and weigh the hair down. This is exceptionally important for the ladies with thin hair – we hope you’re listening! A great way to condition the right way is to gather all of the hair into a ponytail with one hand on the back of your head, and focus your conditioner on the actual tail itself, working through to the ends of the hair. Any leftover conditioner can be applied to the crown of the head, but never directly applied to the scalp. Leave the conditioner on the hair for five minutes, and then rinse thoroughly. But, before rinsing the product out, follow the next step to ensure even distribution.

Woman combing her hair with a hairbrush.

Brush the Conditioner Through
Using a brush that’s safe for water and getting wet, run it through the hair which you’ve applied the conditioner to, ensuring all strands are coated with the product. You can then brush the hair on the scalp, ensuring you are stimulating the scalp in the process – and we promise, it feels fantastic. Then you can rinse the conditioner from your hair.

Woman applying a leave-in conditioner on her hair.

Apply a Leave In Conditioner with UV Protection
Whether or not you have color treated hair, you will want to opt for using a leave in conditioner that offers UV protection to protect your luscious locks from the damaging rays of the sun. Using a leave in conditioner will provide you with smooth, silky hair that is unmatchable by using an in-shower conditioner alone. After applying the leave in conditioner, brush it through the hair, and style as usual.

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