Gym Gems – Stay Warm and Work Out in Style

Published: December 23, 2015

Woman working out in the gym

There are no definitive numbers on the style component and how it impacts gym attendance, but from some rough estimates, there are a whole lot of women who would be seen at the gym with more frequency if they only had the right fashion flair to wear during workouts. It’s not always easy, finding the ideal clothing to wear to the gym. There are loads of super fine fashions trending that make you look absolutely gorgeous, but are just too restrictive, delicate or otherwise impractical to wear for working out, so scratch those. Then, there are all those articles of clothing that somehow wound up in the always-growing stack/drawer/pile of old, outdated or “Oops” clothing. Oops, because until a specific unfortunate incident, they might have even been your very favorite pair of shorts, hoodie, tee or pants. These are the things you should have changed out of, when you knew you needed to change into something more appropriate, but didn’t. These clothes are in that pile because you reasoned that a tiny paint touch-up job would only take a couple of seconds. Even if the paint, stains, holes are not all that noticeable, somehow wearing them–or the thought of wearing them to the gym results in you emerging from the kitchen with a bag of potato chips or that last slice of cheesecake and plopping down in front of the TV.

Power up, With Hoodies and Leggings
In addition, great workout wear, also known as “athleisure” wear, at its minimal best–should be perfectly suitable wear for just about any other errand you might need to run while out, after you’ve completed your gym workout–from picking up your son’s science fair project at the school to buying a week’s worth of groceries, or perhaps meeting your event co-chair at Starbucks for a brief update. Colorful, stretchy and fun leggings come in a myriad of fun prints and designs and pair great with boxy hoodies for a fabulous look that is equally comfy to wear while working out, as well as anywhere else you might have to go. Not only are workout pairings like this fun, easy and comfy–they’re across the board tres chic! To ensure that your workout doesn’t overheat you enough to regret the hoodie, begin with a sleekly styled and supportive sports bra, over which a lightweight and sheer top will allow you to remove the hoodie without a second thought. Being prepared with layers, that’s the ticket!

Athletic and Activewear and You
There is a huge demand for all these innovative, comfy, high performing and beautiful fashions, and the truth be told, it’s not all about being at the gym. There is a huge constituency of women who buy this incredible mix and match athleisure wear–like some fleece-lined leggings and a nice, chunky pullover–just before that slow and resigning trek to the kitchen pantry. Even such passive activities as channel surfing are apparently much more pleasant and comfortable, when done while being clothed in the current athletic wear trends. No guilt, they somehow impart a feeling of a higher rate of caloric burn, just by wearing them. Don’t look for channel surfing to be a component of the Olympics any time soon, no matter how comfortable the typical workout duds may be.

Excellent Pairings that Rock Anywhere
Cropped fleece tops with long, slender sleeves make the perfect companion to the new high-waisted workout pants. Thanks to some pretty amazing technology, you can actually have the wonderful warmth and comfort of fleece, but without any of that dreaded bulk to your bod. Look for the new skinny-fit winter sweatpants this year, with superior measures of advanced know-how that eliminates thickness only, without lessening a single degree of comfort or warmth. Be sure to check out the roomy support you’ll get with an oversized fisherman’s sweater up to. Balanced flair and performance with lots of color blocking and leg diagonals, with extras like multi-slashed sleeves and powerful moisture-wicking abilities from advancements like DryCELL technology.

Under it All
The new sports bras are available in a nice variety of configurations and have figured out how to integrate sexy with power and top support. Add to these features some innovations to improve moisture wicking that can handle the toughest cardio workouts. Check out the sleek caged backs on many models. You’ll want to reveal at least a part of these, with a sheer something on top or perhaps a loose and slinky, scoop-necked tank.

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