Healthy Pores, Healthy Skin

Published: June 3, 2016

Our skin is the largest organ in our body, which is why it’s incredibly important that we take care of our skin to the best of our abilities.  Healthy skin doesn’t just happen, it’s the result of a healthy skin care routine and habits that are consistent.  Since our skin is made up of pores it’s crucial that we take care of our pores, having healthy pores results in having healthy skin.  To help you get started on your healthy pore journey, we’re sharing a few tips to keep in mind that are known to help create healthy pores in your skin.

Use the Right Skin Care Products
Healthy skin and pores are greatly impacted by the types of skin care products you use, which is why it’s important that you use products that are specifically formulated for your skin type.  Using formulations that aren’t catering to your skin type can have a reverse effect and cause your skin to be put under stress.

Consider Your Sleeping and Eating Patterns
While they may seem unrelated, eating a well-balanced diet and getting enough sleep at night have huge effects on your skin’s health.  While we sleep our body works to repair itself, which is why our skin can be greatly impacted when we aren’t getting enough sleep.  You know those nights when you barely got any shut eye your skin seems dull?  It’s because your body wasn’t able to get enough rest.  Additionally, what we eat tends to show in our skin.  So if you have a diet that consists of a lot of greasy, oily foods it’s likely your skin will show it.  In turn, if you make sure you’re staying hydrated and eating a lot of healthy foods you’ll notice your skin start to have a positive switch.

Woman getting exfoliating treatment

Exfoliation is key to healthy pores and skin because it’s such a great way to eliminate dirt, oil, and dead skin cells.  It’s kind of like getting a deep cleanse on your skin, with the added benefits of using a product that works to exfoliate the dead skin cells away.  This is important to healthy pores because it helps to make sure your skin is clean, while we cleanse daily it’s still advised to get exfoliation in at least two times a week. Additionally, many experts and users have said you can reduce the appearance of larger pores by exfoliating regularly.

Don’t Touch!
It’s easy to get into the habit of touching your face constantly, but the downside of that is our hands have oils in them and when we touch our face with our hands we’re transferring those oils to our face.  This can have a huge impact on our skin and pores health.  This also goes for popping and picking at breakouts and/or blackheads.  We all want to fuss with any skin issues but often it only makes things worse.  Avoid touching your face and you’re likely to see a difference in your skin’s overall state if you’re a consistent face toucher.

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