How Does Alcohol Affect Your Skin?

Published: August 16, 2017

Enjoying happy hour with a few adult beverages is a favorite past time for many. During the summer season, alcohol is a common factor throughout a lot of different activities. While we love a glass (or two or more) of wine every now and then, our skin may not love it quite as much. If you’ve been feeling as though your skin doesn’t look quite as glowing as you’d like, it could be due to a number of reasons alcohol being one of them. How does alcohol affect your skin? We’re digging into this question a bit to give you some answers.

It Causes Your Skin to Become Dehydrated
We often discuss how important it is to maintain hydration in your skin in order to maintain a healthy, youthful appearance. One of the biggest affects alcohol has on your skin is the dehydration it causes. Yes, unfortunately drinking alcohol causes our skin to become dehydrated. In essence, when drinking alcohol the alcohol takes a lot of the hydration in our skin’s appearance right out. Drinking alcohol on a consistent basis means that you’re causing your skin to become dehydrated quite often-which can lead to showing signs of aging much earlier and drastically.

It Can Cause Inflammation
Another factor in a healthy skin appearance is inflammation, when our skin holds too much inflammation it can show signs of aging and other issues can arise (like breakouts). The problem with alcohol is it causes inflammation to occur in the skin. In short, the skin tissues become inflamed when we drink alcohol. If you’ve ever noticed that your skin looks red or flushed when drinking alcohol, that’s because of the inflammation that’s being caused by alcohol consumption. While it’s not a big deal to experience inflammation in the skin every once in a while, when our skin is exposed to this type of inflammation on a regular basis it can lead to a lot of problems later on in life.

It Minimizes the Amount of Vitamin A in the Body
Our body needs essential vitamins in order to maintain health and keep our skin glowing. Vitamin A is one of those essential vitamins. We’re able to consume vitamin A through the foods we eat and through our skin care products to reap the benefits of vitamin A. The problem? Drinking alcohol has been found to decrease the vitamin A in our body’s system. Vitamin A is one of the essential nutrients that helps our skin’s health and appearance to be maintained. It’s a vitamin that’s said to help with antioxidant benefits  as well as maintaining healthy cell turnover. Since drinking alcohol tends to decrease the amount of vitamin A in our bodies, those benefits that are obtained from vitamin A are taken away. When our bodies are stripped of vitamin A too often our skin can become susceptible to damage from free radicals and take longer to heal from other problems we may be experiencing in our skin.

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