How to Help Your Skin Survive Halloween

With Halloween just around the corner, it’s only natural to include thoughts of providing some enhanced protection for your skin when envisioning all the details of the upcoming October 31 holiday. Particularly if you find yourself included among the number of people who typically suffer  from skin sensitivities or issues regarding dryness, the change in the weather on its own can produce a myriad of conditions requiring remedial care. And so then, to that, add the impact of costuming choices and all possible accompanying details like makeup, and you could be setting yourself–or more specifically your skin–up for disaster. Thankfully, the thought of facing a skin-scare does not have to be included as a regular constituent among the ghouls, ghosts and goblins that will be knocking at your door on October 31. If you take into consideration that by incorporating a few extra measures to “treat” your skin with a little extra TLC to align with your Halloween game plan, you won’t have to worry about your skin playing any “tricks” on you, once October 31 has suddenly turned into November 1.

Woman with Halloween makeup.

Understand That Halloween Makeup is Not Formulated to be Everyday Makeup
It’s easy (and fun) to become fully absorbed in the many creative cosmetic possibilities you have on Halloween, as it’s the one time you can go full-out in any direction you choose, without risking any resulting ostracism, annihilation or deportation. You can take complete advantage of the specially formulated makeup foundations for Halloween that are longer lasting and use much more pigment, for impressively vivid costuming results, while if you were to show up sporting such a heavy-duty form of self-expression at work– well, we can both imagine one or more of the most likely repercussive scenarios to follow. Halloween makeup is thicker, more concentrated and pore-clogging than what your skin’s used to, and even with only wearing this more intense makeup one night, you’re going to need to follow up with some exacting measures of apologizing to your skin, immediately following, or else suffer the disconcerting consequences. And you may be like many others who engage in a few practice sessions, or trial runs, with trying out different Halloween makeup effects in advance of the day (–sorry–night,) as you search for the perfect makeup application to complement your overall ambiance. This is perfectly acceptable, and nothing to worry about–just as long as you follow up with the proper irritation-preemptive strategy following each session.

What You Can Do
Here are some of the best ways to prevent breakouts from becoming a standard component of your annual Halloween ritual:

Watch Those Pores!
Hold off on any skin treatments that can open your pores, like steaming your face or applying an exfoliating peel.

Woman applying primer.

Cover That Acne
Even if you don’t have acne, a good layer of primer will be your best friend, especially (and you know who you are, here,) if you don’t get the chance to wash off your makeup till the a.m. of Nov. 1. If acne is your concern, make your primer be a good anti-acne gel. All others can use a less specific base gel. A gel will effectively seal those pores and prevent all kinds of problems.

Some Colors May Be Resistant to Being Removed
Essentially, this is a nice way of saying that if you don’t find out beforehand, you might be showing up for a few days following with a bright green, red or purple face. Some pigments, like the ones most commonly used in reds and greens are really powerful. They really rock your costume, but makeup regret can be an unsightly problem. Try out different brands and colors on an indiscreet spot of skin, leaving on as you would–several hours. Then wash off–to see if you even can. Experiment with different prophylactic base coats too. Otherwise, you’ll want to have a really good story to go with your new color, post-Halloween.

Woman cleansing her makeup.

Remove Non-Water Based Makeup Effectively
Most of these are found under the umbrella of “grease paint,” and can keep you from vigorous scrubbing and abrasive facial cleaners. Baby oil–slather it on–and work it fully into the foundation–and everything else, for that matter–it will gently release all that makeup from your skin. Next, take cotton balls or soft tissue to gently remove from your face the majority of the baby oil mix. Now, to release the baby oil, you’ll need to follow up with a gentle soap that’s formulated for the face and warm water. You might have to repeat this wash, to get every trace of Halloween gone–till next year.

Finishing Care
November 1 is your day to steam, exfoliate and hydrate. And rehydrate.

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