Kick Your Sugar Addiction

Published: July 12, 2017

Sugar is that sweet taste we all know and love. It’s added to many of our favorite foods and beverages, and truthfully we consume a lot more sugar on a daily basis than many of us even realize. It’s a sneaky ingredient that makes its way into countless different food groups. While it’s sweet in taste, it’s not so sweet on our skin and health. Skin care experts have really been focusing on the benefits of eliminating sugar from your diet, in order to help your skin’s health and appearance improve. Are you ready to kick your sugar addiction? We thought we would take a bit of time to share a few ideas on how to kick the addiction along with the benefits to your skin.

It Will Fight Signs Of Aging
We hate to be the ones to break this to you, but sugar has been found to negatively impact the aging process in our skin. In other words, it’s been known to cause wrinkles and fine lines on the skin’s surface. On a deeper level, sugar breaks down the collagen in our bodies. You probably already know that collagen is what we all want MORE of in our bodies to fight signs of aging from appearing. When we don’t have enough collagen in our bodies, the result shows up as wrinkles and fine lines. So one of the most exciting benefits of quitting sugar is that your body will be able to maintain its natural collagen levels much more effectively. Many people who have quit sugar and already had wrinkles/fine lines, noticed that their appearance became much less pronounced.

You’ll Experience Less Breakouts
Similar to the anti-aging benefit to quitting sugar, many people who kick their sugar addiction notice that they experience far less breakouts in their skin. Sugar not only breaks down the collagen levels in the skin, but also reduces the body’s ability to fight bacteria. Basically, when we consume too much sugar our body’s natural response ends up resulting in breakouts and pimples. That being said, quitting sugar will help your skin’s immunity build back up and give you the ability to experience breakouts less often.

How to Kick the Addiction
Now that you know just a few of the skin benefits to kicking your sugar addiction you may be wondering how to actually get started with the process. The first step is to understand where you’re actually consuming sugar in your diet. So many individuals don’t even realize how much or often they’re consuming sugar on a daily basis. Taking a tally of where you’re getting sugar from will give you a better idea of where you need to make adjustments. Once you’ve figured all that out, making adjustments like choosing naturally sweetened foods and reading labels to understand what ingredients are in the foods you’re consuming is going to help set you up for success in kicking your addiction. Finally, having healthier options that are readily available can be a big help when kicking your addiction. Generally, when quitting sugar it can feel like a task to eat so having ready-made, easy to grab snacks and foods that are better options is a huge help.

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