Lena Horne’s Gorgeous Smile

Published: February 15, 2016

Lena Horne
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Lena Horne will always be remembered as having such a graceful presence with a commanding voice audiences everywhere loved to listen to. And that spectacular voice of hers–along with her trademark accent–spilled out of a truly gorgeous, unforgettable smile. Throughout her lauded career that lasted six decades, Lena Horne was among the greatest of the greats–with her talent and her presence–and her deep complexities among the leading showbiz greats.

From California to New York
With her 1943 hit Stormy Weather, Lena Horne made it into the spotlight, where she remained, but it wasn’t until 1950, when she ditched the West Coast and all its racism and moved her act to NYC that she took off into world class success as one of the very best, successful and beloved performers of the 60s, 70s and 80s. Her astounding beauty and poise found her featured on a leading movie magazine–the first ever African-American to break through in this area. She not only had beauty and poise, but she was undeniably charming; and stole the show wherever she happened to go.

A True and Timeless Icon
In remembering Lena Horne, everyone has their particular favorites, but there is no one who doesn’t immediately think of her radiant, million dollar smile among the very first of her many assets. Ms. Horne was truly the queen of cinema, with elegance beyond measure, and she managed to erase the lines that had long existed as barricades for black entertainers during the times. It was always her supreme confidence, and no striving, that commanded the attention of everyone, wherever she went. Talent, beauty, confidence and dignity were always hers. A particularly memorable favorite among her many fans is that three-minute ballad she sang, “If You Believe,” from the 1978 The Wiz–which even today, still produces tears from listeners.

Beautiful woman

Lena-Led Beauty
We remember Lena Horne for her grace and style. She could rock a pair of gloves–from those above the elbow numbers that exuded the elegance of her powerfully sultry strapless gowns–to the shorter ones she was frequently seen for day wear. While women hoping to find what was Lena’s best kept secrets may not get it straight from the horse’s mouth, Lionesse knows the importance of women everywhere trying to hold onto their youthful looks, and with Lena Horne inspiration, some of our most fruitful tips include timely whitening of our teeth while abstaining from teeth-staining habits (and you know your worst…) The Lionesse youth strategy stresses taking up with serums just as soon as you hear the word. Serums are way more effective than creams and lotions. Among other timely Lionesse wisdom:

  • For age-influenced lashes that look thinner, take up a lash curler and keep using one.
  • Adopt some effective neck exercises and don’t necessarily expect results until after around six weeks have passed.
  • Eat healthy. Make sure that what you put in will be of longevity benefit to your body.
  • Incorporate facial masks, exfoliants and peels into your regular skin care regimen.
  • Find out if you need oil-free lotion, and if so, start using it.

Lena Lives On
In everything that Lena Horne did, there was a message to stand for the important things in life and to keep on working toward your dearest goals, no matter what. The world will continue to celebrate the great Lena Horne because of that stellar smile of hers–because she remained committed to sharing that winning smile with the world, no matter what–through many trials, heartbreaks and tragic racial limitations. Lena Horne continued to give us that smile, and her voice is still wafting in the air, from this lovely beacon who shined a light on excellence no matter what. Lena Horne, we will never forget you!

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