Let Your Skin Breathe During Your Workout

Working out regularly is incredible for your health and wellness, of course you already know that. While there are countless benefits to working out on a consistent basis, you may notice some breakouts in your skin in correlation to your workout routine. Before you panic about breakouts making their presence known after your workouts, we have some tips on how to let your skin breathe during your workout. Because we sweat so much while working out, which is a great thing for detoxing your body, it can lead to those dreaded breakouts. Don’t worry though, our tips are easy to add to your workout regimen!

Don’t Wear Makeup
If you head to the gym right after work, or you feel more confident wearing a little makeup to your workout we encourage you to reevaluate that habit. The problem with wearing makeup while working out is our pores become much more open during our workout, because we’re producing sweat. With your sweat glands open it makes way for makeup to clog those pores. We suggest taking your makeup off before starting your workout to allow your skin the chance to breathe and be free of the makeup. When you give your skin a chance to breathe and be free of that makeup, it will have a chance to detox from anything that it needs to with that sweat instead of become clogged.

Wear Breathable Fabrics
There are so many fun workout clothes available now, so much so that it’s almost become its own sector in the fashion industry. It’s always a little more enjoyable to wear workout clothes that are fun, too! The one problem that we’ve noticed with some workout clothes is that the fabrics aren’t breathable, which causes your sweat to become trapped. By now you already know that sweat trapped under your clothes isn’t going to produce any positive results. Trapped sweat can cause breakouts and even chaffing to arise. Instead, we suggest making it a point to choose workout clothes that are made with breathable fabrics. The breathable fabrics will allow your skin to be free of sweat trapped, and many of those fabrics are often moisture wicking so they essentially help to get the sweat away from your skin-talk about a benefit!

Cleanse Your Skin Promptly
Many experts believe that allowing your skin to breathe while you workout is important, but it may be even more important to cleanse your skin promptly after your workout. What we mean by this is after you’ve finished your workout, you should get out of your sweaty clothes as quickly as possible and rinse your body. Taking off your sweaty clothes will give your skin a chance to continue breathing and not keep that sweat locked into your skin. Additionally, taking a shower and rinsing your body will help to remove any sweat, oil and dirt that may have taken residence on your skin’s surface during your workout.

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