Lionesse Gem Presents Beauty Tips for Virgo Girls

Published: September 18, 2014

Virgo girl astrological symbol
Virgo girls and women are typically passionate about everything and everyone they love. They love deeply, and are a one man woman. Loyal, caring and compassionate, if you cross them, they turn cold as ice. They are chalk full of common sense. Finances are in good hands with Virgo women, as they know how to control their spending and budget. She will be assertive and demanding at times, but what woman isn’t? She realizes her flaws, but does not handle criticism well. Be nice to her, and she will be nice to you. They have much patience and skill. They are very detail oriented and sometimes act like perfectionists. Virgo girls are all around a great type of person to know and be friends with, and they will be so until the end.

When it comes to beauty tips for Virgo girls, Lionesse believes that there are various suggestions which can help them in their daily lives. Neutral colors that are earth-toned tend to look the best on Virgo girls, and though minimal makeup works for Virgo women, you need to be sure not to underdo it.

If you are to wear earthy tones, be sure to add a pop of color to your lips, like a coral lip color or even a dark red. Don’t overdo it, but be sure to add at least one pop of color to your face – whether it is on the eyes or lips. Keep the cheeks neutral. You don’t want to overdo the makeup, but you need to find a perfect balance, and that comes with time, practice, and research.

When it comes to Virgo women’s hair, you can basically take what you’ve got and work with it. Add volume, like curls or body through means of products or tools designed specifically for that. If you’ve got naturally curly hair – rock it! If you don’t, that’s okay. Add some tousled looking beach waves or even wear a 60’s inspired bump and extra volume to make your look complete.

Virgo women look fabulous no matter what they wear. You don’t want to overdo it, but you can definitely rock any fashion you decide to go with. The look is literally in your court – so choose something that’s all you and you can’t go wrong. That’s what fashion and beauty is all about really. Choosing what you like, not what everyone around you is wearing. Wearing something you don’t like is so pointless, and being someone you are just not is insulting. You’re better than that!

Advice as to what doesn’t work for Virgo women is anything bold that screams for attention. Virgo’s are quiet, reserved women most of the time, and to wear something –whether its makeup, hair, or clothes – that is out of your element, will generally make you appear as though you’re out of your element.

Overall, Virgo’s have it pretty easy when it comes to fashion and beauty. They don’t really have to try too hard to look great – and that’s pretty awesome. Just working with your natural beauty will allow you to look your best, and utilizing the natural beauty in you is what makes you that much more beautiful.

Be yourself, and let your gorgeous shine through.

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