Lionesse Gem Quick and Easy Anti-Aging Tips

Published: October 23, 2014

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Prevention has always been the best cure for anything to do with anti-aging. Protecting your skin from those wrinkles might be tough, but wait till you get a few. Getting rid of them is going to be next to impossible. Many experts believe that anti-aging routines should start in your 20s itself. Apart from proper sun protection, you also need to follow a skin care routine that suits your skin. This should help you look younger and maintain your beautiful skin even when you cross your forties. Lionesse believes that you don’t need to go to the world’s end or try out weird routines like bird droppings, blood, invasive therapies and semen facials to get a younger look. Lionesse offers a few simple tips that can make you look younger and drastically reduce the appearance of issues like wrinkles, crow’s feet and age spots.


Whiten Your Teeth

Neither the amount of makeup nor the super cool hairstyle, it is the perfect smile that is most likely to grab everyone’s eye. However, as you begin to age, the tooth enamel wears down, thereby revealing a filthy yellowish color. To avoid this yellow color, make sure that you get rid of habits like smoking and regular coffee drinking. These habits only make matters worse. It is also important to follow the right oral routine. If you don’t already floss, start off asap. And meeting the dentist at regular intervals is equally important. You can also pick up one of those home whitening kits and brighten your teeth by a few shades from the comfort of your home. If matters have already gone out of hand, get a professional whitening treatment done from your dentist.


Start using serums immediately

If you aren’t already using a serum, start off with it ASAP. You need to start with day and night serums from your mid – late thirties. Serums offer you with a water-like consistency and they are much more effective than moisturizers and creams. Adding serums to your skin care routine not only adds moisture to your skin, it also gives you a boost of anti-aging. Just make sure that you check out the ingredient list and ensure that your serum has the right mix of antioxidants and nutrients that can help you fight the signs of aging.


Never neglect lashes

Sparse lashes are something that is quite common in old age. Thinning lashes ably compliment your thinning hairline. But, having well defined and thick lashes can make the eye area stand out and make you look fresher. Therefore, if you aren’t already in bed with mascara, you need to start using it now. But, more importantly, curling your lashes might just help you achieve wonders with your looks. If you’re scared of those curlers, use the back of a spoon and some mascara to curl your lashes.


Perform regular neck exercises

If you are to busy taking care of your face, you just might end up forgetting your neck area. Make sure that you take your regular skin care routine all the way down to your neck and use the same products on your neck. Some experts also believe that regular neck exercises can help you achieve wonders in terms of aging. They can help you to improve the blood flow and also give you that perfect glow. According to what we have heard, neck exercises can lift and tighten the skin within 6 weeks.


Regulate your diet

You need not go on a diet, but you definitely need to start eating the right kind of stuff. Make sure that you stay away from from processed food items. You also need to add as many fresh fruits and green vegetables into your diet as you can.

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