Madonna Beauty Inspiration

Published: June 20, 2015

Madonna’s style, fashion, makeup and hair were so admired during the 80’s that she became an icon in that department. Not only was her music amazing, but everyone wanted to be like the Material Girl herself in their fashion and beauty lives. Even in today’s world, many women still find ways to incorporate a little bit of her into their fashion life.

Here are some of the most well-known Madonna beauty inspirations that we saw back in the 80’s, brought to you by Lionesse.

Woman wearing a headband.

Lace & Cloth Headbands
Madonna made these super popular back in the 80’s, and now we are seeing them begin to trend again. She would opt for colors as bold as the colors of the rainbow, or black or dark blue. Many times, they would have large bows on them, or be made of lace. No matter the look, they were an essential part of her style.

Woman applying a dark eyeliner.

Dark Eyeliner
Madonna’s gorgeous eyes were always perfectly lined in a dark, bold eyeliner such as jet or kohl black. To get the look, line the upper and lower lash line in a thick manner and apply plenty of mascara.

Woman wearing a crop top in a beach.

Crop Tops
Crop tops were an essential Madonna staple. Before the days of the new day crop tops, it all seemed to get its beginning from Madonna, who could often times be seen sporting one of her own.

Woman with bright red lips wearing a red hat.

Bold Lips
Madonna loved to wear dark, bold lip colors – red was a sure favorite for her – and if you want to get the look reminiscent of Madonna, opt for a deep, rich red lip color and apply heavily to primed lips.

Woman with thick eyebrows and bright red lips.

Thick Eyebrows
Thick eyebrows are a huge trend currently, and it seemed as though the look came to be thanks to Brooke Shields and Madonna. To get a bold, thick brow, go easy on the tweezing and waxing, and opt for allowing them to grow out a bit – or, you can use a mascara brush that has been cleaned to give your brows some extra ‘fluff’ with a brow gel. Fill in sparse areas with a brow pencil or powder.

Retro woman wearing leather bracelets and fingerless gloves

Leather Bracelets
Leather and plastic bracelets were so Madonna, and nearly every girl back in the day would rock them to the max. Madonna would layer bracelet upon bracelet, often times wearing both leather and plastic bracelets simultaneously, to establish her signature bracelet look.

Punk woman wearing fingerless gloves

Fingerless Gloves
Fingerless gloves were one of the most iconic signature looks of Madonna, and they set the fashion world into a frenzy with so many girls wanting to rock the look. Nowadays, they have become a cool accessory to set off a cutting edge look and add some pizzazz to a night out.

Woman wearing oversized earrings.

Oversized Earrings
Madonna was known for rocking some of the biggest, most dangly earrings known to womankind in the 80’s. She also liked to wear one earring at a time, setting yet another trend. If you want to get the look, opt for big, bold statement earrings and wear one as opposed to two.

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