Masks For Multiple Skin Conditions

Published: June 23, 2017

You may have noticed face masks are EVERYWHERE lately. It’s hard to go on a beauty site, blogger’s social media or even walk down a beauty aisle without seeing masks at some point. While masks are all the rage right now, they’re also really incredible for skin and treating specific skin conditions. We’ve talked about the importance of using masks in your skin care regimen for a while now because of their benefits. Since it’s been such a growing trend, we wanted to take a little time to chat about masks for multiple skin conditions to give you some clarity around choosing the right mask options for you.

Dull, Dry Skin
Whether you have skin that just seems to be looking dull, or is dry both skin conditions can be frustrating. Of course, using quality moisturizing products can help tremendously but sometimes you need an added boost…that’s where masks come into the picture. Hydrating masks are ideal for combating both of these skin conditions. Because hydrating masks are focused on, well…hydrating the skin they have been found to help with a lot of dryness that may be in the skin along with giving skin that’s lacking a lot of natural glow that added boost.

Oily Skin and Acne Prone
It’s possible to have oily skin that’s not necessarily breaking out regularly, but both skin conditions tend to be the result of too much oil production in the skin. When dealing with oily skin and breakouts you don’t want to strip the skin of too much oil as that can cause the skin to just produce more. Clay and charcoal masks have been found to be some of the best mask types to deal with these skin conditions. Clay (and charcoal) masks work wonders on absorbing excess oil in a gentle way, without stripping the skin’s surface of the natural oil it needs to maintain its health.

Acne, Dry and Dull Skin
You probably didn’t think there was ONE type of mask that could help address all of the above skin conditions, did you? Well there is! Exfoliating masks work wonders on addressing acne, dryness and dullness on the skin’s surface. To put it simply, exfoliating masks help with all of these because they address the surface of the skin-which is where all of these skin conditions reside. Exfoliating the skin is essential for everyone, but if you struggle with any of these skin conditions it’s even more important for you to add to your skin care routine.

Whew! That’s quite a few different mask options, and that doesn’t even cover them all! We chose to feature a few that have multiple uses to show you the power of facial masks in your skin care routine. When looking at adding masks into your skin care routine, you’ll want to focus on addressing any skin conditions you have currently. Masks are such a powerful addition to address specific concerns, especially when you choose them based on your skin’s needs and concerns.

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